Christiano Ronaldo – Word Cup 2014 Hairstyle



Be it on or off the football field, Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro or Christiano Ronaldo as he is popularly known is always in middle of the news. This handsome 29 year old star footballer is gearing up for the upcoming world cup in Brazil and hopes to bring laurels to his country and fans.

Ronaldo 1




His trendy hairstyles and amazing fashion sense has always kept him in the news. He is seen sporting a slick hairstyle while preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil and fans are hoping that he impresses them with his performance as much as with his new hairstyle.

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Top 5 Celebrity Weird Hairstyles

A good hairstyle is something that will catch everyone’s attention. It is something that complements your personality and has got a major effect in determining your overall look. However, sometimes you don’t get it right and are caught in an embarrassing situation, especially if you are a known superstar. Following is the list of top weird hairstyles of famous celebs ever caught on camera.

Natalie Dormer

2 Dormie1

This beautiful blonde who featured in Game of Thrones is one of the best dressed celebs. However, she was in the news for all the wrong reasons when she showed up at SAG Awards like this. You may call it an act of bravery or a hairstyle gone band but her chipping dyne and styling went terribly wrong. She has got beautiful hairs but her half visible scalp surely reduced her sex appeal.


Rihanna rihanna 2

She may have charmed millions of people around the world with her lovely voice and nice looks, however she didn’t get as good response as she expected from her hairstyles. Even though Riri is known to experiment a lot with her hairstyles and change them often, the one that is seen above made her into the wrong headlines. The Crayola Red color on her curly hairs seemed like a wig. It was not only the color that seems quite weird but also major curls, which imparted a fake look of her natural hairs.

Drew Barrymore

Drew1 Drew 2

This was one of the rare moments where the popularity of Drew Barrymore took a hit and she became a subject of mockery. There was nothing wrong with the combination of the colors, however the pattern in which it was done seemed hilarious. The uniform colored hair didn’t go well with her beautiful face and she had to switch to another hairstyle quickly.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston3 Aniston 2

Jennifer Aniston is always seen as a great fashion icon. Her beautiful figure and girl next door looks always had a special corner for her in the hearts of her fans. However, during the Emmy red carpet in 1999, this beautiful blonde donned unusual dreadlocks and looked like an haute hippie. Her curls got more complex and spoiled here entire look.

Gwen Stefani

gwen 1 gwayne

This hairstyle of Gwen Stefani is going to be included in this list for quite some time now. She had donned it during the MTV Music Awards, giving her fans and paparazzi a shock of their lifetime. No doubt that she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet, but certainly the blue buns with a bindi and this hairstyle didn’t go well with her.


Jim Carrey – Top 3 Hairstyles

This legendary actor gave us some of the most hilarious scenes in Hollywood movies and is a great style icon. Following are his top three hairstyles that he has kept over the years.

Short Straight Formal

Jim 13


jim 12

It gave him a sexy look. The length around the sized and top was left long enough to add volume to it. This hairstyle looked apt on his long face.

Medium Straight Casual

Jim 2



jim 34

The length of hairs was kept quit long on the sides so that they fall over his ears. The layers were then cropped flat so as to make a contour on his head. This look got along well with his beard.

Short Straight Casual


Jim 3


This clean and tidy hairstyle suited Jim really well. It didn’t require any major styling or maintaining and is ideal for people who are on the go.

A Long Straight Casual looks hair

1 Zooey Deschanel at the Inaugural Kid Art Event: A Benefit For P.S. Arts. Lo-Fi, Los Angeles, CA. 06-01-06
Zooey Deschanel is a beautiful, witty, intelligent, talented, and a fashion brainwave to us all. Her sixty’s style is far the majority amazing, as well as 1960s haircut is her signature.

3 4
Her Sundance tribute in five hundred days of summer allowed us to be sinking into the style and life of Zooey more than we ever have.
5 6
But this is casual hairstyle blow-waved to include movement through the mid-lengths to closed proving this appear plenty of volume and body creating it a wonderful appear to complement a long face.
7 8
The bangs are curved down onto the forehead to frame the face as well as complete the taken as a whole style luminously.
9 10

All over world famous hair style and celebrity

1 2
The all over world famous most powerful celebrity wants no introduction.
3 4
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV most popular with the screen name Tom Cruise is an American film producer and actor par excellence. Blue eyes, Black hair, as well as blatant cockiness Tom Cruise is identical with the Hollywood good entertainment.
5 6
It is a brightest-shining golden boy has to his credit hits like Rain Man and Top Gun. He is the heart thump of then thousands of the cine – goers irrespective of their age.
7 8
The Tom Cruise is every about style incarnate. Blessed with the thick, and healthy hair Tom Cruise has been experiment by his hair often to suit a extensive array of characters as well as to retain a new look.

9 10

Robert Pattinson With Short Hair

A famous Hollywood stat like Robert Pattinson is a young and good-looking English actor, model and musician.
3 4
He is first come to fame with the playing Cedric Diggory in the movie the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter.
5 6
However, he gets it globe wide acclaim playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies playing important role. His hair was moderately long for this role, but here, we shall appear at Robert Pattinson with the latest short hair.
7 8
Today, he has cut his hair again in the grounding for his play role in an upcoming movie. In this time, the back and sides of his hair really are a buzzed.

9 10

All over world Famous Zac Efron Hairstyles

1 2
Each man who has seen how attractively good-looking Zac Efron is surely needs to appear like him.
3 4
Although you could be never copy his face, you could still have the Zac Efron appear with the easily styling your hair just like his indubitably, hairstyle has a wonderful impact by how a person looks.
5 6
With this is a brain, there are some unique hairstyles of Zac that you could do to be just like him.
7 8
All you want is a latest product, comb, your bare hands, other specific knowledge and materials regarding hairstyling technique. You could be also having to patient in styling your hair so you could achieve top results.
9 10

Jennifer Lawrence with Bob Hairstyle

SPL742231_004 attends 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Party during The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Baoli Beach on May 18, 2013 in Cannes, France.

Jennifer Lawrence is a big famous Hollywood star. And the Jennifer Lawrence shocked us every with her new cropped, and she rocked blonde hairstyle at the Hunger Games opening.

glaad media awards 4 210413 168709620RD00131_Jimmy_P_Ps

She is begin the year with the long hairstyle, then dyed it dark brown color as well as now this… We cannot keep way but respect her bold hair choices.
5 6

It is been about 2 months since we previous saw the actress at the Academy Awards 2014.

7 8
It must be noted at the Oscars awards her hair was slicked rear so it was still indistinct how short it truly was, but still obviously much shorter than these days crop.

9 10

Robbie Williams with new Hairstyles

An all over world famous star like Robbie Williams is a British songwriter and singer as and vocal coach.
3 4
He is an important part of the pop band, and gets which. He has getting some awards during his career as well as been named to the famous UK Music Hall of Fame.
2 6
Robbie has worn his hair in a lot of different type styles. In the past, he wore it in a buzz cut which hugged the form of his head.
5 6
This personally resembled the first haircut given to armed recruits in which every the latest hair was of the same duration, and about an eighth of an inch.
9 10

Taylor Swift new hairstyle

1 Taylor Swift The 43rd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  Las Vegas, Nevada - 05.18. 08 Credit: (Mandatory): Apega/WENN

Taylor Swift is a long dark golden blonde lock color pinned and pulled back to the head to make this up do for the fifty five Annual Grammy Awards.

3 4
Her bangs are a smoothed down to be casing the top of the face as well as generally made do magnificently. This Product is wanted for shine and hold.

5 6
These long locks are a pulled pinned and back to the back of the head to make this a very formal up do which is a very perfect for any special event or occasion.
7 8
And she is a make different type hairstyle with different kind occasion and events.
9 10