Tips To Prevent Coarse Hair From Drying

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Keeping the hair dry can make it look very dull and if your hair is coarse then it can even get damaged easily. The coarse hair can become dry due to absence of the natural oils that are produced in the scalp. The most common thing that makes your hair dry is excessive washing and using of harsh products for styling the hair. There are few things that can be used to prevent coarse from drying.
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Avoid using hair products that are bad to your hair type as it can take the natural oil present in the hair. Stay away from shampoos that feature strong chemicals such as sodium sulfate as they can cause dry hair. Also don’t wash the hair everyday and try using deep conditioner once in a week. Reduce the usage of heat styling tools such as flat iron and blow dryer as they can make the natural oils to dry from the scalp and in case you want to use these tools try to apply a small amount of heat protecting spray. Some of the people face the dry hair issue due to health problems. If you body lacks vitamins, proteins and other nutrients can make the hair look weak leading to breakage. You must consume beans, whole grains and animal meat as they are some of the most important nutrients. The final option is consulting a doctor even if you have a dry coarse hair even after following all these methods.

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Sports Hair Bun

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Sports hair bun is a perfect choice that can give a very casual look. It can be achieved with any type of hair from medium to long in size. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone who plays sports and the entire hair will be secured in place without any loose strands. There are few things that must be taken during the styling process like securing your bun only at the nape of the neck and not in other parts over the head.
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Begin your hairstyling by combing the hair towards the ceiling about 5 inches over the nape of the neck. Try to create a bundle with the help of your hair using your hand and try to send the hair into the elastic. Now twist your elastic to re-loop hair back just like creating a ponytail. Make sure that you have a secured loop with few inch of hair coming out just under your elastic. You can use hair pins to keep the bangs in place if you have any or even make the bangs to sit over the ears. This can keep the loose hair strands away from the eyes during your participation. You can also try to wear a ribbon along with the hairstyle to make it more attractive. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone from young to old even if they are not part of any sports as it is considered to be a casual wear.

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Gel Hair Waves

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Gel hair waves can be the first choice for those who want to create a wavy look in their hair for a day. You can create beautiful looking waves in your hair without using any type of heating tools that can cause damage to your hair. You can any type of hair gel for styling your hair in this way. Just use a blow dryer for drying your hair after using the gel and stay away from other hairstyling tools that produces heat as they can spoil your entire hairstyle.
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As usual you must wash the hair and use a proper hair conditioner after rinsing the hair fully. Then dry your hair using a towel and take a medium amount of gel in your hand to rub it together with the other hand. Next bend the head slightly down to scrunch the hair from bottom to your scalp. Try to take the head in its original position and scrunch it once again with your hands as you did before. Take a blow dryer along with the diffuser for drying your hair and make sure to use low setting. Maintain at least six inches distance between the blow dryer and your hair. You must continue to dry your hair with the blow dryer till the hair gets fully dry. Now you hair will have waves in it and in case you find any part of the hair is straight use the same technique to create the waves.

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Treating Messed Up Hair Bangs

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Messed up hair bangs can spoil the entire look of your hairstyle. So you can use few hairstyling techniques for dealing with such issues. There are different ways that can be followed at home for treating the messed bangs without any difficulty.
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First part the hair where the bangs have been parted and comb the bangs across the forehead which will make them fall as small pieces. Then secure your swept bangs with the help of hair clips or you can also mist them with a spray. Another option is wearing fake bangs along with natural hair bangs to prevent them from looking bad. You can just attach your fake bangs by following the directions mentioned on the package. It is also possible to wash the bangs daily by following the instructions on the bangs package. If you don’t want to wear fake bangs, then try to cover your hair with a scarf. You can wear the scarf in such a way that can also help to cover the messed bangs and a bad hairstyle. In case you have long bangs and they look messed up, try to create a small quiff on top of the head. It can be easily created by taking the entire bangs in front of the head for twisting it in once direction. Then flip the bangs back to nudge it a little forward for creating the quiff. Use hair pins for keeping the quiff in place.

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Maintaining White Hair In Its Original Color

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Most of the people don’t prefer to have a white hair, so they try to color it with different shades. But there are few who want to keep their hair by maintaining it in such a way that looks beautiful. In case you want to keep the white hair in its original condition, then maintain it properly with few simple styling options.
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First rinse your hair using vinegar one time in a week which can help to remove the buildup in your hair. You also get a hair glazing treatment which can be the perfect choice to maintain the white hair fully white. Adding glaze in your white hair can also help in closing hair cuticle that can prevent buildup on the hair which leads to the dullness. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo that features violet base as it can help to prevent the hair from changing yellow in color. It is important to condition the white hair after washing it with a shampoo. This can help to seal the cuticle without any dirt that can give your hair a completely shiny look. One of the most important thing to maintain the white hair is checking the water that you use for washing the hair. Some of the water may contain chlorine that can make the hair look dull. Make sure top rinse the hair with clean water after swimming in a pool as they usually contain chlorinated water.

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Methods To Revive A Damaged Straight Hair

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Hair can be damaged due to various styling methods such as perming, coloring, heat styling or more. The straight hair can get damaged very easily due to the heat use for styling it. Reviving a damaged straight hair will usually take months of time as you must do it very delicately with additional care. You can follow these simple steps to maintain the damaged straight hair properly.
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The first option is cutting the hair which has split ends which can prevent further damage to your hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as it can remove the natural oil present in the hair. In case you want to wash the hair use moisturizing shampoo which can help to treat the damaged hair. After cleaning the hair, try to apply a deep hair conditioner which can help to seal the hair shaft by closing your hair cuticles. Make the deep conditioner to sit on the hair for at least half an hour before rinsing it normally. You can also use leave-in hair conditioner on daily basis to keep the hair ends away from splitting. It can also give extra moisture to the hair locks that can help to revive your damaged hair. When your hair gets tangled or you find knots in the hair, try to comb them very gently using wide tooth hair brush. Follow all these steps on regular basis to revive the straight hair to its original position if it is damaged.

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Steps To Regenerate Hair Follicles

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Having dormant follicles in your hair can make it look completely loose as it will stop to produce long hair. There are few ways that can help to regenerate your hair follicles and you must consult a hair specialist before using any such products. Rogaine is considered to be a perfect choice for regenerating the hair follicles and can be used after consulting a professional hairstylist or doctor. This product can be used by men as well as women and try to give more attention to your hair while using it to prevent side effects.
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Make sure to use Rogaine product all over the head at least two times a day after reading the instructions written over the product. You can use this product once the hair starts to become thin which can very much helpful in growing your hair back. Try to massage the hair product over the scalp with the help of your fingers. Leave it over the scalp as per the time mentioned on the product and stay away from water during this time. You can use this product for around 6 months after consulting the hairstylist to achieve good results. Even after this time you face the same problem go to a doctor for other treatments. If your are using the Rogaine product look for any side effects such as itching and sometimes the hair will start to grow in places where you have accidentally use the product.

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Styling Your Hair With Toupee

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A toupee is a perfect way to enhance your hairstyle if you have cut the hair too short. It is not easy to wear the toupee over your head without a proper technique and it must look good as well as natural on the head. You must also maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it suitable to wear on various occasions and try to remove it in a gentle manner so you can wear it again.
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First dampen the head with water or you can also wash the entire hair as normally your would do. Start placing the toupee tape just below the toupee as close as possible and try to take the backing off strips to attach the tape to the scalp. Mist the entire scalp with a hairspray which can help top keep your toupee from coming out of its place. Now you keep the toupee over your head very gently and adjust it as per your desire with some pressure over the area where you have use adhesive tape. Next mist the toupee using water and then apply a little amount of hair conditioner. In case your want to take the toupee out of the head do it very slowly from back of the head and moving towards the front. You can just use your fingers to remove the toupee out of its place. Try to use adhesive remover only if it is needed to remove your toupee.

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Styling Your Hair With Headband Wig

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Headband wigs are the best way to achieve a new look without touching the original hair. Even though the headband wigs are known to be a little costly, it can get the look you want to achieve with a wig. If you think that the headband wig is too costly for you to purchase, then try to make your own wig at home.
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First take a balloon with air filled and use a headband to stretch it around your balloon. Then take a small part of acrylic wig and make sure that it matches with the size of your hair. Use a glue stick just over the headband in a simple thin line and keep the cut wig over hot glue. You can use the same method to add the wig hair over the headband and after completing this on one side of the head move on to the other part of the head. Finally cut the hair as per your desire to make it look. Now it is time to prepare your hair to keep the headband wig over your head. Having a short hair can be the best option to using the headband wig and in case you have a medium to long hair try to secure the entire hair using a bobby pin. Then keep the headband wig over your hair and make sure it is placed in a proper way so it doesn’t come out of the head.

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Bumper Hair Bangs

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Bumper hair bangs have been very popular hairstyle from the 1950s and it is worn by many people even in the present day. In this hairstyle, there will be a big loop from one temple to another to give a fuller look. You can keep the bumper bangs short or long similar to other blunt hair bangs.
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First comb the bangs in from of the head and add a little amount of serum. Then brush the hair from to end and hold tip of your bangs for pulling it taut. Now use the curling iron by inserting it to the bangs root and keep it just underside. Try to pull your curling iron through the hair away from the face to make the hair free from frizz. Next keep the bangs end within the curling iron for pulling it in a straight line. Make sure to rotate your curling iron towards the scalp and keep it for at oleast15 seconds. Use your Place your hand to press the handle of your curling iron horizontally out of the hair. Leave the hair to fall on its own and take the left part of your curl for keeping it over the left temple. Keep it secured at the end using the bobby pin and take right part of your curl for securing it just over the right temple. Mist the hairstyle with a spray that can help to keep it in place for a long time.

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