Tips For Sealing Your Hair Cuticles

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Hair cuticles can be very difficult to handle if they try to stick up that can give a bad look to your hair. There are few simple styling methods that can be used to seal the hair cuticles to make them look smooth as well as shiny. The best step for sealing your hair cuticles is rinsing the hair using cold water. It can make the hair to look shiny and also reduce the frizz in it. Here are few basic tips for treating the hair cuticles in a perfect way.
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Always wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo at least one time in a week as it can easily take the buildup out of the hair that is caused by using conditioner, shampoo and other hair products. Apply oil over the hair strands as the normal oil produced by the hair will be removed while washing your hair. Use boar bristle hair brush for combing the hair daily and add a little amount of olive oil to spread it over the air from top to bottom. While blow drying the hair make sure to point the nozzle at the end of your hair which can help to flatter the hair cuticles, Use the blow dryer with cold setting and avoid using heat over the hair. Washing the hair using shampoos can remove the pH available in your hair, so use apple cider vinegar for rinsing the hair after the shampoo process.

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