Straight Remy Hair With Curls

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A Remy straight hair can be styled in different ways and the best way to make it look good is by creating curls. The Remy hair can be a perfect hair for using it along with the natural hair as it has been developed using the human hair. In case you are planning to create curls in the Remy hair that is straight, try to follow these simple steps. Try to create large curls by using big barrel along with the curling iron and small barrel can be used to achieve short curls that are much easier than the long one.
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First brush the hair as per your wish and mist the entire hair with a spray that can protect it from heat produced from the curling iron which will be used for styling. The hairspray will prevent the hair from getting any kind of damage. Divide a section of hair that will be used in the barrel of your curling iron with the help of fine-tooth hair brush. Now take the curling iron with its clamp opened and roll its tip into the Remy hair in the barrel. Try to roll your curling iron from end to the scalp and keep it in for about ten second. Then you can open the clamp from the hair make it fall on its own. Use the same technique to create the curls all over the hair and finally use your fingers for combing the hair.

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