Removing Greasy Hair Using Powder

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Having a greasy looking hair can give a good time for some of the people while styling their hair, but most of the time this type of hair can spoil your complete look. The greasy hair can be made normal by washing it as usual and in case you want to remove the greasy look from the hair without getting it washed try to follow these simple procedures. You can use the baby powder for solving this problem along with a blow dryer if you don’t wish to follow other types of methods.
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To begin the process, brush the hair smoothly using wide-toothed hair comb to make it free from the knots. Take one tbsp baby powder for sprinkling it over the comb bristles for brushing the hair once again without touching the roots. Make a simple part in the hair at the center of the head and sprinkle the baby powder over it as you used it over the comb. Now use a normal towel for rubbing it over the hair roots and also over the hair gently. Next bend your head towards down for misting it with a medium-hold spray and mainly use it over the roots of your hair. Take the blow dryer for blowing medium heat over the hair roots for 30 seconds and move your head to its original position. Comb the entire hair with the help of your fingers and don’t use a comb for brushing the hair.

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