Hide Grey Hair Roots Using Temporary Color

grey hair roots grey hair roots2
Having a gray roots in your hair can be disturbing for most of the people and it can solved with few simple styling methods. There is no need to use any kind of hair coloring products that can cover the hair for a long time as it can be covered with temporary hair coloring product.
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Make sure to start the coloring process with a clean hair and if you want to wash the hair try to wash it a day before. Comb the hair very gently and make it at least five sections all over the head. Secure each of the section using hair clips and take the hair color for mixing. You must read the instructions carefully before mixing the hair color and wear hand gloves to prevent color from falling on your skin. Then cover the shoulder with a towel and first do a strand test to check whether you have any kind of allergic reactions to the color. Now you can apply the color in the front hair section by pulling your hair section using the plastic comb. You must leave the color on the hair as per the time mentioned by the color manufacturer. Once you cover the grey roots over the head in all the hair sections that was divided try to wash the hair as you would do normally. Once your entire hair becomes completely dry, go through each section to see they are fully colored before styling the hair.

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