Gel Hair Waves

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Gel hair waves can be the first choice for those who want to create a wavy look in their hair for a day. You can create beautiful looking waves in your hair without using any type of heating tools that can cause damage to your hair. You can any type of hair gel for styling your hair in this way. Just use a blow dryer for drying your hair after using the gel and stay away from other hairstyling tools that produces heat as they can spoil your entire hairstyle.
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As usual you must wash the hair and use a proper hair conditioner after rinsing the hair fully. Then dry your hair using a towel and take a medium amount of gel in your hand to rub it together with the other hand. Next bend the head slightly down to scrunch the hair from bottom to your scalp. Try to take the head in its original position and scrunch it once again with your hands as you did before. Take a blow dryer along with the diffuser for drying your hair and make sure to use low setting. Maintain at least six inches distance between the blow dryer and your hair. You must continue to dry your hair with the blow dryer till the hair gets fully dry. Now you hair will have waves in it and in case you find any part of the hair is straight use the same technique to create the waves.

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