Sports Hair Bun

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Sports hair bun is a perfect choice that can give a very casual look. It can be achieved with any type of hair from medium to long in size. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone who plays sports and the entire hair will be secured in place without any loose strands. There are few things that must be taken during the styling process like securing your bun only at the nape of the neck and not in other parts over the head.
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Begin your hairstyling by combing the hair towards the ceiling about 5 inches over the nape of the neck. Try to create a bundle with the help of your hair using your hand and try to send the hair into the elastic. Now twist your elastic to re-loop hair back just like creating a ponytail. Make sure that you have a secured loop with few inch of hair coming out just under your elastic. You can use hair pins to keep the bangs in place if you have any or even make the bangs to sit over the ears. This can keep the loose hair strands away from the eyes during your participation. You can also try to wear a ribbon along with the hairstyle to make it more attractive. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone from young to old even if they are not part of any sports as it is considered to be a casual wear.

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