Texturizing Hair With Chipping Slicing Method

chip slice hair chip slice hair2
There are various ways that can followed while adding texture into your hair, but the most commonly used is the chipping & slicing method. You can easily make your hair feel comfortable by using this technique without cutting too much of hair. Try to get some practice before using this technique on your hair. Always stay calm while styling the hair with this method and use the shear very gently into your hair to prevent any mistakes.
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The first part is slicing which can be done after taking three inch hair section upward and inserting the shears partially inside this section just over your fingers. Try to slice shears through your hair and leave only 1/4 inch spaces between the slices. You must maintain your shears open for cutting only less hair which can help to add movement into your hair. Once the hair becomes fully dry, you can see the original effect. Try to follow this method if you want to make the hair look thin. To use the chipping method, you must brush the hair when it is still wet only at the ends. Then keep the shears at the hair end and try to turn it at 45 degree angle. Cut the hair at the end in triangle shapes to create the texture only at the hair ends. Leave the hair to dry on its own and use the same technique on the hair to make it look chunky.

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Using Sage Leaves To Prevent Grey Hair

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Covering the grey hair can be difficult for most of the people as they must use a proper coloring product. There are many products that feature chemicals that can cause severe damage to the hair. But there are also natural coloring methods that can prevent hair from getting grey. One of the best option is using sage leaves along with rosemary for making the hair look beautiful, but try to use the mixture without going into your eyes.
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First take a bowl of water to make it boil and add sage leaves in it along with rosemary. Leave the mixture to become cold on its own and filter the mixture in another bowl. Make the mixture to cool for another one hour and then wash the hair during this time using warm water. Cover the hair with normal towel and prepare the hair for using the mixture. Start using the hair dye on a small part of your hair and try to massage it gently. Now you must pour the mixture on the hair to massage it again completely and do this at least 7-8 times all over the head. Use a towel for covering your head and you must use this mixture on your hair at least 4 times in a week after the hair dying process to get the best result. You must stay patient during this process as it may take some more time to change the color of your hair.

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Styling Hair With Rag Curls

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This is a very beautiful hairstyle with rag curls which can be much softer than the pin curls. To create this style you need to have few rag strips and it can be a very interesting hairstyle for women who are looking to have a different and interesting look. This is considered to be a simplest way of styling the hair that is medium to long. Most of the people will also try to create head full of lovely curls to get a different look.
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rag curls5 rag curls6
Begin the styling process by cutting cut a piece of cloth into strips that must be six inches long and one inch wide. First create test curls taking a part of the hair cutting and then condition the hair to start the actual styling process. Next spread a little amount of hair gel and run a dab all over the hair. Section the hair as usual and part the hair which depends on the curls that you wish to create. Curl the hair around a rag and around the strip of cloth for making tiny curls which is mostly liked young children. Once the hair becomes fully curled tie the strips end together and then remove the rags slowly after the hair becomes dry. To create the ringlets, make sure to pull the rag down and then remove the curlers out.  Finally leave your fingers through the hair and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.

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Tips For Washing Sewn-In Hair Extensions

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Sewn-In Extension can make your hair look long, but they are left unwashed for a long time. In case you want to wash these extensions, try to follow a proper method to prevent any damage. Washing the extensions by going to a hairstylist can be time consuming as well as costly, so most of the people prefer to wash their sewn-in extensions at home.
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sewn-in extension5 sewn-in extension6
You can start your hair washing process by separating the original hair around a perimeter before combing out the extensions. Then rinse the hair using only warm water and take little amount of shampoo to apply it over the actual hair first. Then use the shampoo on the hair extension till you are able to create the lather. Apply the shampoo all over the hair starting from top and moving till the end. Make sure that the hair is keep straight while you are creating lather with the shampoo and don’t pull the hair extension too much. Now you can rinse the hair to take the lather out and mainly concentrate on the perimeter in your extension during the rinsing process. Next apply a conditioner after the entire hair gets rinsed fully and brush the hair gently once it becomes completely dry. You can also use the hairdryer for drying the sewn-in extensions and avoid using too much heat on it. Some of the extensions may become loose during the washing process, try to sew it once again.

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Ray Harryhausen


The Ray Harryhausen was something drop to a one-man process when it came to be making films magic.

As well as what magic Ray Harryhausen created, and particularly for the string of the year 1950s as well as 60s dream classics. His simple creations incorporated the rhedosaurus from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad as well as the cyclops from The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, Medusa from the original Clash of the Titans as well as the skeleton army from Jason and the Argonauts.

Ray Harryhausen

The Harryhausen drew was a storyboarded, created the models as well as then moved his creature single frame at a time in the order to be achieve the unforgettable on-screen motion.


Top Classic Hairstyles Which Are Still A Rage

A popular saying goes like “”Old is Gold” and it holds true at laeast for some classic hairstyles which still contiues to fasicnates us, even after years of being into exitsance.

There are so many classic hairstyles like Michelle William’s amazig blonde styles Mia Farror close cropped pixe cut and many more. Bob and pixie hairstyles are timeless and  this is the reason why celebrities all around the world still continue to don them.

Sideswept bangs are another popular type of hairstyles that helps a woman look outstanding. Even for the coming years, these hairstyles are set to stay.



Top US Open Hairstyles

US Open is one of the most awaited sporting events of the world. In this tournament the players not only showcase their tennis skills but also flaunt their looks especially the dress and the hairstyles.





Even though the tennis courts during the US Open has been graced by innumerable beauties, some of the best hairstyles that is ever seen are the following.




From the simple and classic look to the sexy pigtails, these tennis legends have tried them all and will continue to charm and impress millions of their fans all over the world.




Wackiest NFL Hairstyles

National Football League or NFL is a professional American football league which is watched by millions of people all around the world. It is not just the aggressivenature of the sport which makes it popular but also the wacky hairstyles of various NFL players.




Friar Tim:

Something is common between Blaine Gabbert’s golden locks, Troy Plamalu curvy hairs and many other NFL players, i.e., all of them grab eyeballs. Following are some of the most memorable.




Nevertheless, the look of these NFL superstars will surely make anyone look good.