Using Wax To Make Hair Straight

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The hair can be made to look straight by using various styling methods. But did you know that a wax can be applied to make the hair straight. There is a hairstyling wax that is available in the store which can be helpful while making the hair straight. To get this styling done on your hair, you must keep the styling products ready such as hair wax, shampoo, conditioner, comb and hair dryer.
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You must first clean the hair with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner. Make sure that the hair is free from all the dirt before using the conditioner. Leave the hair to dry with a dryer and brush your entire hair. Now take a small amount of hair wax in your hand and gently spread it over the hair strands. Brush your hair when it is still looks damp with the wax till it becomes completely straight. After the wax becomes fully dry, the hair will stay straight for a long day. You can also create different hairstyles with the hair wax such as spikes which is mostly liked by younger people. Try to apply the hair wax all over the strands once again in the same way once the hair starts to lose the straight shape. While brushing your hair, try to apply little pressure so the hair stays in its structure. The hair will lose its straightness very soon in the summer than compared to winter season.

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Maintaining A Braided Hair Healthy

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There are different techniques that are used by people all around the world to maintain their hair healthy. But some of them fail to keep the braided hair healthy which can lead to hair loss. You must follow important steps to maintain the hair healthy if it has been braided for a long time. The main thing in maintaining the braided hair healthy is keeping them clean by washing regularly.
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The first thing that must be kept in mind is braiding the hair when it is not color treated. If you try to braid the hair that has been recently colored, it can become brittle. Before braiding the natural hair, try to apply a deep hair conditioner all over which can be useful in keeping your hair in a perfect condition. Use a standard shampoo for washing the hair on daily basis and after the braiding process also use the shampoo for washing the hair which can be helpful in the growth of your hair. It is also important to dry the braided hair perfectly and leaving the hair damp can cause knots in them. Never use any type of hairsprays or hairstyling products that feature oily content as it can spoil the entire look. Try to using natural oil instead of hairsprays as it can support the hair in its growth. Don’t leave the braid in your hair for a long period of time as it can lead to hair fall.

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Creating Short Looking Hair Waves

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Creating waves with a short hair can be difficult for most of the people, but it is possible to add waves in a short hair by following few steps. You can use the same technique that is used to create waves with long hair even if your hair is short. Here is a cornrow method that is mostly used by many to create waves in their hair.
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To add waves in a short hair, first take a small hair part which will be used to create the cornrows. You must pick up smaller section of hair to create the cornrows and try to apply a little amount of hair product that is useful while creating the braids. Then separate the hair section into three parts and take left strand over center strand, then right hair strand over the center strand. Continue this process till you get to the bottom of your hair. Next pull the hair that will be used for the braiding process and include it with the middle hair strand. Use this method of braiding your hair all over the head to get the cornrow and keep it in place using a small hair band. Make the hair to dry naturally without using a heating tool or you can use the blow dryer with low heat to dry the hair immediately. Once your hair looks dry try to take the cornrows out and the hair will start to look wavy.

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Side Twisted Braid

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Sided twisted braid is a beautiful way styling your hair that can be suitable for any face shapes. But you must have at least medium length hair to get this hairstyle in a perfect shape. Most of the people think this hairstyle can be difficult to create without going to a hair specialist, but it is just like creating a standard braid. You must use hair extensions along with your original hair to achieve this twisted braid look.
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First purchase a hair extension that matches your natural hair color. Then make a simple part straight down in from of the head and keep one of the sections secured with elastic. Now take the loose hair section and divide it as two parts. Take the hair extension and fold it into half for keeping it between the two hair parts. Try to add one side in your folded extension with the original hair strand and continue the same on the other part of your folded extension. There must be two hair strands featuring extension and original hair. Now you must twist hair strand on both the side of the head at least one inch and pull both of them at one side of the head. You can twist your hair by taking right hair strand over left hair strand and continue this till the end of your hair. At last use elastic to keep the hair secured at the tip of your braid.

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Short Buzz Cut

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A short buzz cut is one of the simplest way of creating a unique look where the hair will be cut very close to your head. The length of the hair will be same all over the head and it is also known to be very easy to maintain than other short hairstyles. This haircut can be a perfect choice for those who have a thin hair and it is mostly worn by men when compared to women. There are few famous celebrities who have worn this hairstyle on several accessions.
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To create the short buzz cut, first you must purchase the hair clippers and number 1 clipper guide. Then add the guide in the hair clippers and use it with lowest setting. You must follow your contours over the head starting from front to the back of your head. Make sure to push the hair clipper to move over top of your head than sliding it towards downward. While using the clipper at the side of the head, you must try lifting the hair clipper from the back of your head to front by simply following contour of your ear to match it with the hair at the side. At last lift your hair clippers from bottom of the head and move upwards to make the haircut look even all around your head. Try to glide the clippers along your head than dipping them in from of the head to make this haircut very easy.

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Treating A Fading Hair Color

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If you are coloring the hair by going to a saloon or you are doing it at home, the hair color will start to become dull as the day passes. There are few ways which can maintain the look of your hair color as new as possible without giving it a faded look.
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You must try to apply the hair color a day after washing your hair with a shampoo to maintain the color in its original form. After coloring the hair make it stay on your hair for at least 2 days before getting your hair washed. Washing your hair with a shampoo can make the colored hair look dull and you must also increase the number of days between your hair wash with the shampoo. Purchase a shampoo along with the hair conditioner that is specially made to be used on the colored hair. Stay away from clarifying shampoo as they can take the color out of your hair very easily. You can get color depositing hair shampoos to improve the color that is applied over the hair. Always rinse your entire hair with cold water which can maintain the color on your hair as it is without getting faded. Cover the colored hair with a scarf while stepping out of the house in the sun. There is also special hair products that are available in the market which can be used over the colored hair to keep it protected.

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Synthetic Hair With Straight Look

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Synthetic hair will be made using fibers that can become easily damaged if you try to make it straight with the help of heating styling tools such as flat irons. You must follow a special method while straightening the synthetic hair in order to maintain it perfectly. There is no need to use special tools or hair products to achieve the straightness in your synthetic hair as you can do it with the help of hot water.
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First brush the synthetic hair to make it free from tangles using wide-toothed hair brush. Then keep the hair on a wig stand to make it fall naturally. Now take a bowl of water and make it boil. Make sure that the water becomes slightly heat and too much boiling water can spoil your synthetic hair. Try to pour water on the synthetic hair gently over the crown and then move slowly over the remaining areas of the hair. Once the hair gets washed with the hot water mist it with detangle hairspray and brush it using wide-toothed hair comb. Keep the hair to dry on its own which can take few hours depending upon the length of your hair and once it gets dry fully try to brush it again. Avoid using any type of heating tools over it during the drying process. Now check the hair completely and in case you are not satisfied with the straightness use this styling process once again to make it straight.

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Making Hair Grow Thicker Naturally

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Having a thick hair can help in many ways and one of the best way is creating beautiful hairstyles. There are few ways that can be helpful in growing the hair thick. It is important to have lot of patience while the hair starts to grow thick as it will not happen immediately. There are natural ways that can help to grow thick hair such as following proper diet, washing hair gently and avoiding heat styling tools.
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Follow a proper balanced diet which must contain vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats and more. There are multivitamins available in the market specially helpful in growing thick hair such as zinc, vitamins like A and C. Zinc can help in stimulating the carotene in your body which can easily improve hair growth . Both vitamin A and C can help in repairing the damage caused in the hair and finally vitamin B can make the hair follicles strong. Another option is washing the hair carefully without putting any pressure. Use sulfate-free hair shampoo for cleaning the hair two times in a week. The third option is styling the hair without using any type of chemical based products. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet because the hair can break easily during this time. Also stay away from styling products that produce heat as they can make the hair look weak. There are also other reasons that can be a main reason behind the hair loss, so try to access it carefully.

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Styling Your Hair With Sharp Bangs

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Sharp hair bangs can give a completely new look for those who are wearing it for the first time. Anyone can create sharp bangs along with any type of hairstyle. You can get this hairstyle at home without using any special tools or techniques. Be very careful while cutting the bangs in front of the face while doing it for the first time to prevent any accidental cuts.
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Brush the hair section that will be used to create the bangs to make it free from knots and secure the remaining hair at the back of the head. Take a small hair section from the bangs and keep it between pointer as well as middle finger to cut it in the straight line. Try to trim the bangs little longer than you actually want it to be and use the same method till it falls straight across the head. Take one inch section from the bangs and start cutting it towards downward. This time you can cut the hair a little bit deeper with different lengths to make it look slightly choppy. Use this cutting method on the other parts of your bangs. Now brush your bangs over the forehead and cut it as per your desire and make sure that the length of your bangs differs from each other to make it look sharp at the end. At last look at the entire bangs section to give it a little touch up.

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Messy Cropped Hairstyle

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Messy cropped hairstyle is a perfect choice for both men as well as women. The normal cropped hairstyle is very popular among most of the people all over the world and it can be made a little unique by creating it messy. Make sure that your hair has been properly cut by going to a hair stylist. After getting the cropped haircut, go through the hair and if it looks wavy or curly apply a hair straightening shampoo while getting a hair wash.
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First dampen the hair using normal water and apply hair gel from root to end. Then bend your head down for drying the hair with a blow dryer. Take a small section of your hair using your fingers to style it a little messy. Now use a wax all over the hair at the end of your hair and try to pull out few hair strands from its original place or you can also try to twist them in one direction to make it look more unique than messy. Use this simple method on the remaining hair parts and at last mist the entire hair sections with aerosol spray. Try to use the spray by keeping the bottle away from the head which will prevent the spray from making the hair look moisturized. Don’t mist the hair with the hairspray by keeping the bottle close to your head as it can make the hair become a little bit frizzy.

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