Steps To Grow Relaxed Hair

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Making the hair relaxed can be a difficult process and in case you are trying to grow your hair naturally relaxed it can give a hard time. Most of the people usually prefer to relax their hair using chemicals, but you can also achieve it naturally. Here is a method to grow relaxed hair without using any hairstyling products go to a hairstyling for better hair growth.
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Try using the hair relaxer made especially for the fine textured hair such as mild relaxers as they feature low levels of straightening chemical. Don’t use touch up products more than one time in six months as it can damage the hair permanently. Also don leave the relaxer on your hair for a long time as it can easily effect your hair growth. Always comb the hair using wide tooth brush after dividing it into different parts. Make the hair to dry naturally or you can also use loose curlers to prevent any kind of damages. Give the hair sometime to repair naturally without using any products before styling it with heating tools. Get hot oil treatment one in 2 weeks which can make your hair shaft stronger and use the same treatment on the hair a day before going for chemical treatment. You can select olive oil for getting the hot oil treatment as it is known to be the best natural product or there are also other products that are available in a local store.

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