Straight Hair With Dreadlock Twist

dreadlock twist dreadlock twist2
A dreadlock twist is a perfect option to change the normal hairstyle into a beautiful and unique looking hairstyle. You must follow a particular styling method to achieve this look and this style can be created with any type of hair. Here are few steps that can be helpful in creating the dreadlock twist with a straight hair. In case you want to create this hairstyle with a fully straight hair, try to create braids and crimps to keep the styling process simple.
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dreadlock twist5 dreadlock twist6
First apply a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hairstyle after washing it fully and dry the hair as usual. Then take a hair section at the back of your neck and keep the remaining hair secure using a hair clip. Now backcomb your hair section with the help of a normal hair brush at least 2-3 times. Take half tbsp wax which is slightly warm in your fingers for using over the base of your dreadlock in a twist motion. Do this from top to end of your hair section very gently and you can also use more wax to make the hairstyle look perfect. Try to hold the dreadlock in between the hands and roll it up as well as down to make it look like a snake which will make the lock to twist completely. Now take another section of hair adjacent to your first twisted hair section and use the same method over it.

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