Taking Care Of Static On A Straightened Hair

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A static hair is a very common problem after straightening your hair and it can be treated with few simple steps. Maintaining moisture in your hair is a very important process in controlling the static in your hair. There are also few hairstyling products that can be used for treating the static problem. To stop the static immediately you can use the dryer sheet that is used on the cloth over your hair.
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First go to a hairstylist and get the moisturizing shampoo for washing your hair and also apply the hair condition after the wash. The hair product will feature vitamins and other ingredients that will maintain the moisture in your hair without leaving it to dry which leads to static hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as it can take the natural oil out of your hair and get the deep conditioning treatment once in a week. Avoid using blow dryer for drying your hair as the heat produced by this tool many cause very serious damage to your hair and the hair can become static very easily after the drying process. In case you want to blow dry the hair or use any type of heat styling tools, apply a little amount of gel, cream or serum which can stop the heat produced by the tool from entering into your hair. Always comb the hair using a metal brush or brush that has natural fibers as they can reduce the static in your hair.

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