Treating Tangles In A Wig

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Synthetic wigs are normally made of human hair that can become tangled very easily if you fail to maintain it in a proper way. There is no need to panic when your synthetic wig gets tangled as it is easy yo make it untangle with few simple styling methods. There are no special treatments needed to control the synthetic wigs as you can do it by following these simple steps.
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First take a bucket full of cold water and place the synthetic wig in it for 3 minutes and after taking it out of the water apply a wig conditioner. Keep the wig aside for five minutes and rinse it using cold water. Make sure that wig is free from the conditioner that was used. Keep your synthetic wig on a stand to make it dry and then mist it with leave-in wig conditioner. Make sure to use the conditioner mainly in places where you find the tangles. You can leave the wig to dry on its own in the night and once it gets dry in the morning try to comb it using a hair brush that is specially made to comb the wig. You can also use a little amount of leave-in hair conditioner all over the wig if needed to keep the tangles in its place. If you see any more tangles in the wig after following this treatment, use the same method 1-2 times again to remove the tangles completely.

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