Messy Cropped Hairstyle

messy cropped hair messy cropped hair2
Messy cropped hairstyle is a perfect choice for both men as well as women. The normal cropped hairstyle is very popular among most of the people all over the world and it can be made a little unique by creating it messy. Make sure that your hair has been properly cut by going to a hair stylist. After getting the cropped haircut, go through the hair and if it looks wavy or curly apply a hair straightening shampoo while getting a hair wash.
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First dampen the hair using normal water and apply hair gel from root to end. Then bend your head down for drying the hair with a blow dryer. Take a small section of your hair using your fingers to style it a little messy. Now use a wax all over the hair at the end of your hair and try to pull out few hair strands from its original place or you can also try to twist them in one direction to make it look more unique than messy. Use this simple method on the remaining hair parts and at last mist the entire hair sections with aerosol spray. Try to use the spray by keeping the bottle away from the head which will prevent the spray from making the hair look moisturized. Don’t mist the hair with the hairspray by keeping the bottle close to your head as it can make the hair become a little bit frizzy.

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