Synthetic Hair With Straight Look

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Synthetic hair will be made using fibers that can become easily damaged if you try to make it straight with the help of heating styling tools such as flat irons. You must follow a special method while straightening the synthetic hair in order to maintain it perfectly. There is no need to use special tools or hair products to achieve the straightness in your synthetic hair as you can do it with the help of hot water.
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First brush the synthetic hair to make it free from tangles using wide-toothed hair brush. Then keep the hair on a wig stand to make it fall naturally. Now take a bowl of water and make it boil. Make sure that the water becomes slightly heat and too much boiling water can spoil your synthetic hair. Try to pour water on the synthetic hair gently over the crown and then move slowly over the remaining areas of the hair. Once the hair gets washed with the hot water mist it with detangle hairspray and brush it using wide-toothed hair comb. Keep the hair to dry on its own which can take few hours depending upon the length of your hair and once it gets dry fully try to brush it again. Avoid using any type of heating tools over it during the drying process. Now check the hair completely and in case you are not satisfied with the straightness use this styling process once again to make it straight.

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