Using Toner After Bleaching Hair

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Using a toner on a bleached hair is a very important process as it will help in knowing the shade that you would like to create. It is important to use the toner in a proper way to make sure that it provides your desired shade to the hair after the bleaching process. Try to do the swatch test a day before the bleaching process if needed. Prepare yourself before starting the styling process by purchasing the products suitable for your hair type. Consult a hairstylist if you are using this process on your hair for the first time to keep it simple and easy.
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First rinse your hair the remove the bleach and dry it with a normal towel. There will be yellow tint in your after the bleaching process try to use a blue toner for neutralizing it. Then mix the toner perfectly by following the instructions on the bottle of your toner. Now apply toner over the bleached hair and try to leave it as per the time mentioned on the box. Next rinse the hair using normal water till the mixture of toner and the developer comes out completely. Try to use a deep hair conditioner after the rinsing process which is a very important step in this styling process. In case your hair looks a little brassy after the washing process, apply a shampoo which contains blue tint to remove the yellow tint out of your hair.

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Jessica Alba Bridal Bun

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Having a bridal bun can give a great look and it an be worn for any special occasion like a wedding. Jessica Alba with bridal bun looks perfect and you can create this style at home without getting help from a hairstylist. But to make it look perfect you must practice it before trying it one for a special event. Here is a simple procedure that can help to achieve this style. To create this style, first wash the hair a day before the styling process.
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Then comb the hair to remove the tangles and part it to one side of your head for a sophisticated look. Next spread a heat protection spray all over the hair and curl the hair using a curling iron. Now you must backcomb the hair slightly to create a volume and smooth the hair with a comb. Leave the bangs on the side loose to pin it behind the ear. Make sure to leave few wisps of hair around the face. Then sweep the hair at the nape of your neck as per your desire to create a ponytail and secure it with a hair band. Comb the ponytail slightly to create more volume and take two inch sections of the hair to loosely wrap around the base of the ponytail. Secure the ponytail using bobby pins and use your fingers to create the perfect shape of the bun. At last spritz throughout the hair with a strong hold hairspray to keep the bun in place.

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Treating Tangles In A Wig

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Synthetic wigs are normally made of human hair that can become tangled very easily if you fail to maintain it in a proper way. There is no need to panic when your synthetic wig gets tangled as it is easy yo make it untangle with few simple styling methods. There are no special treatments needed to control the synthetic wigs as you can do it by following these simple steps.
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First take a bucket full of cold water and place the synthetic wig in it for 3 minutes and after taking it out of the water apply a wig conditioner. Keep the wig aside for five minutes and rinse it using cold water. Make sure that wig is free from the conditioner that was used. Keep your synthetic wig on a stand to make it dry and then mist it with leave-in wig conditioner. Make sure to use the conditioner mainly in places where you find the tangles. You can leave the wig to dry on its own in the night and once it gets dry in the morning try to comb it using a hair brush that is specially made to comb the wig. You can also use a little amount of leave-in hair conditioner all over the wig if needed to keep the tangles in its place. If you see any more tangles in the wig after following this treatment, use the same method 1-2 times again to remove the tangles completely.

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Taking Care Of Wavy Micro Braids

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A wavy micro braid is a perfect hairstyle to be worn for special occasions. In order to keep the wavy micro braids in a perfect shape you must maintain it in a proper way. You must give special attention to your micro braids so the hair stays healthy without any heavy damage. Make sure to keep your hair moisturized in a proper way, so it remains damage free. There are few ways that can be used to maintain the wavy micro braids in a perfect condition before going to a saloon.
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First spritz your micro braids with water and add a leave-in hair conditioner all over. Then scrunch your hair and comb only the ends with a wide-tooth hair brush. Avoid brushing the braids as it can spoil the entire hairstyle. Another option is misting your hairstyle with oil-based hair moisturizer to keep the shine as it is. The wavy micro braids can become dull and using a moisturizing spray can keep it healthy. You can also wash your micro braids using a clarifying shampoo and apply a light conditioner. To do this you must first divide your hair into sections and use the shampoo over the hair toots. After applying the condition try to scrunch your hair using your fingers to make it look textured. Just in case all these steps fail to achieve the result that you are planning, go to a hair specialist to maintain the hair in a proper way.

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Cloth Twisted Hairstyle

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Cloth twisted hairstyle can give beautiful curls all over your head. It is the best way to create twisted spiral curls without using any type of hairstyling tools. This hairstyling process is normally done in the night before going to bed. First take a T-shirt and try to cut it into fifteen strips about six inches long.
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Then wash the hair and brush it as usual before proceeding with the hairstyle. Make sections in your hair take small amount of hair on top of the head for securing it with a clip. Leave the lower section of hair loose which will be used for the styling. Now take the loose hair section and separate it into 4 different parts about two inches thick. Take first hair section in your hand and try to wrap a piece of cloth around it. Try to put a small knot at the end of your cloth so it keeps the hair in place. Use the same way to wrap the hair section with the cloth and tie a simple knot at the end without fail. Now take the hair section from the clip and divide it with the same section as you did with the lower hair. Use the cloth to wrap the hair section and in case the twists look loose, try to secure them using bobby pins. You can remove the cloth from hair in the morning and style it with a curling mousse.

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Hairstyle With Wedge Bob

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A wedge bob is a hairstyle that can give a very much the same look which is achieved with a stacked bob. But this hairstyle can make your hair look more dramatic when compared to other styles. In this hairstyle, the hair that is at the back of the head will be cut with multiple layers and the sides of the head will have long hair that will almost touch your chin. There is only one way to style the hair with the wedge bob that can be done by following these simple steps by sitting at home without any help.
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To get this type of hairstyle, first wash the hair cleanly using texturizing shampoo than using a conditioner on an unwashed hair. Then dry the hair using a towel and use a hair serum all over the head. Now you must use the blow dryer to dry your hair and try to use the round brush with medium-size during the drying process. Once you dry the entire using the blow dryer, then use the same dryer over your hair in sections. After drying the entire hair section, apply a small amount of pomade all over the hair which can make it look textured. This type of hairstyle is normally worn by celebrities who like to have short hair. A normal bob hairstyle is considered to be look very attractive, but this hairstyle can make you look beautiful as well as unique.

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Removing Yellow Tones From Silver Hair

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Most of the time people who have a silver hair would see that their hair will start to change into a yellow color and it can be disturbing for many. It is possible to treat this problem but coloring the hair with blue base or a purple base. You can also use shampoos and hair conditioners that able to change the yellow tones on your hair, but it can be used two times in a week to prevent the yellow tones.
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Before starting the coloring, first your must purchase the products that is required for the styling process. You must purchase ounces toner, volume developer, applicator bottle, deep conditioner and gloves. Now you must mix developer along with the toner which must have a blue base. Try to wear hand gloves during the styling process to prevent color from falling on your skin. Start using the mixture on your head and the sections that have yellow tones. The hair may start to absorb color when it is slightly damp, so try to maintain the dampness in the hair while applying the hair color. Leave at least ten minutes for the hair to start losing its yellow tones and turning into light blue shade. Now you can use a warm water for washing the color out of your hair and apply a hair conditioner all over your hair. After five minutes you must rinse the hair once again and style the entire hair as per your wish.

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Taking Care Of Static On A Straightened Hair

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A static hair is a very common problem after straightening your hair and it can be treated with few simple steps. Maintaining moisture in your hair is a very important process in controlling the static in your hair. There are also few hairstyling products that can be used for treating the static problem. To stop the static immediately you can use the dryer sheet that is used on the cloth over your hair.
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First go to a hairstylist and get the moisturizing shampoo for washing your hair and also apply the hair condition after the wash. The hair product will feature vitamins and other ingredients that will maintain the moisture in your hair without leaving it to dry which leads to static hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as it can take the natural oil out of your hair and get the deep conditioning treatment once in a week. Avoid using blow dryer for drying your hair as the heat produced by this tool many cause very serious damage to your hair and the hair can become static very easily after the drying process. In case you want to blow dry the hair or use any type of heat styling tools, apply a little amount of gel, cream or serum which can stop the heat produced by the tool from entering into your hair. Always comb the hair using a metal brush or brush that has natural fibers as they can reduce the static in your hair.

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Tips To Take ChapStick Out Of Your Hair

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Chapstick is a styling product that normally features a petroleum jelly that can make your hair look greasy. The chapstick is a very common product that is used by almost every people while going for a special event. You must give special attention while taking this product out of the hair without causing any kind of damage to the hair. Most of the people try to wear the chapstick along with a long hair which can make it get stuck in the hair very easily.
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First you must wipe the hair using the tissue without spreading it to other hair strands. Then use cornstarch over your hair and spread it gently using your fingers all over the hair. This will make it very much easy for taking the chapstick out of your hair. Now rinse the entire hair using warm water which can help to remove both cornstarch as well as chapstick from the hair. Take 1 tsp baking soda along with 1 tbsp baby shampoo for mixing it in a bowl and start applying it over the hair. Next rinse your hair with this mixture using hot water. Use the same steps once again at least 3-4 times to get rid of the chapstick from your hair. In case you want to prevent the chapstick from getting into your hair, try to create an updo where the entire hair is kept away from the face and don’t wear your hair long.

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Chemicals That Damage Your Hair

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Hair damage is a normal problem that is faced by most of the people all over the world. Using different chemical products for styling the hair can be a big reason behind a damaged caused to the hair. There are few chemicals that can damage the hair on temporary basis or even permanently. All these chemicals are found on the daily used styling products. It is not possible to know which product contains what type of chemicals, so you can use the following steps to be careful.
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One of the chemical is metallic salts that are normally found in hair coloring products. If you use the coloring product with this chemical the hair can be curly and even lead to breakage. Another chemical is thioglycolic acid which is a part of perm solution that can create unpleasant odor in your hair. Perms which contain higher level of these thioglycolic acid can cause severe damage to the hair which must be treated as soon as possible. Sodium hydroxide can be found in hair relaxer that will be able to cause irritation in your hair. Hydrogen peroxide can cause chemical reaction in your hair by entering into your hair follicle making the hair look brittle as well as weak. Ammonia is another chemical that is normally found in the perms as well as relaxers. It can cause hair breakage and if it is left on the hair for more than half an hour it can cause hair fall.

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