Styling Hair Using Wave Pomade

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Wave pomade is a styling product that can be used to create short waves and keep them in place. You can use this product with the help of your hands and it can be also used over the scalp. This product will look similar to a wax which can maintain the moisture in your hair. The pomade will be able to lock the hair waves in place and you will not be able to create the waves with your hair by just applying it.
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To style the hair with wave pomade, add a little amount of wave pomade in your palm and rub it between both the hands. Start spreading the wave pomade all over the hair strands as well as scalp in an evenly manner. Then comb the entire hair with the wave pomade as per your desire. To create the 360-degree hair waves you must comb the hair on top of the head and then comb it in the downward motion all around the head. To create more defined hair waves over your head try to comb the entire hair when you are taking a shower. Wear a do-rag while going to bed in the night and make the product to set overnight. The wave pomade can be the perfect choice to create the wavy hairstyle in your hair without any greasy looking hair. It can be used on any type of hair depending upon the hairstyle you are creating.

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Water Wave Hair Locks

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The water wave locks can be a great way of styling the hair if it is at least medium long. This style can be considered to be a perfect match for many occasions. In this hairstyle, there will be head full of tight curls and it is liked by small kids as well as most of the celebrities to get a unique look. If you have a naturally curly hair this style can achieved by using combs with upward teeth when the hair is still wet. Here are few simple steps that can help to create this style very easily without issues.
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To get this style, begin the styling by washing your hair fully and then dry it naturally or with a towel. Next spread a little amount of pomade wave grease on the hair and brush it towards the direction where the waves will be created. Brush the sides downward in a circular motion for a curve motion at the bottom and brush the hair from crown of the head in a spiral circular motion at the direction of the hair growth. Try to cover each part of the hair to make the style look good. Then cover the hair with a wave cap during the night time for creating the perfect waves and it will also keep the hair intact. Finally mist all over your hair with a generous amount of hold hairspray to end the styling process.

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Steps To Make Dark Hair Light

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Making the hair lighter after getting the color treatment can be difficult for most of them if they are trying to do it at home. There are few options that can be followed to achieve a lighter hair, but with extra care. You can also use a deep conditioner for treating the hair that looks darker after the coloring process if it is just 2-3 days old.
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First wash the hair using clarifying shampoo and make sure that the hair become free of shampoo after the rinsing process. Then take a small strand of hair for drying it with the help of a hair dryer and in case it still looks much darker, you must continue with the styling process. Use a dandruff shampoo for massaging it over the hair from top to end and rinse the entire hair once again till it becomes clean. Now dry the hair once again, as you did before to see whether the strand of your hair has become lighter. You must continue this process till the hair becomes lighter after the coloring process. Use hot oil over the hair strands from end to the scalp and leave it for at least twenty minutes to complete the treatment. Then rinse the oil from your hair completely to get into the look. After getting this process done at home you are unable to achieve the hair color, try to get help from a hairstylist for better treatment.

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Straight Hair With Dreadlock Twist

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A dreadlock twist is a perfect option to change the normal hairstyle into a beautiful and unique looking hairstyle. You must follow a particular styling method to achieve this look and this style can be created with any type of hair. Here are few steps that can be helpful in creating the dreadlock twist with a straight hair. In case you want to create this hairstyle with a fully straight hair, try to create braids and crimps to keep the styling process simple.
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First apply a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hairstyle after washing it fully and dry the hair as usual. Then take a hair section at the back of your neck and keep the remaining hair secure using a hair clip. Now backcomb your hair section with the help of a normal hair brush at least 2-3 times. Take half tbsp wax which is slightly warm in your fingers for using over the base of your dreadlock in a twist motion. Do this from top to end of your hair section very gently and you can also use more wax to make the hairstyle look perfect. Try to hold the dreadlock in between the hands and roll it up as well as down to make it look like a snake which will make the lock to twist completely. Now take another section of hair adjacent to your first twisted hair section and use the same method over it.

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Tips To Soften Hair Extensions

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The hair extensions will be treated using chemicals that will make them look strong. The extensions can look dry in most case and not so soft as you would really want it to be. There are few things that can be helpful in making the hair extensions look much softer. You can use any of these following treatments once in a week for making your extensions look softer.
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First take the extensions and place it in a bowl of warm water. Leave it for at least half an hour to make it soft which can be much easier for adding it along with the natural hair. You can also use hot oil on the hair extensions with the help if avocado and olive oil. To do this, heat the oil and massage it over the hair strands very gently and rinse the hair out after half an hour. Another option is giving your hair extensions deep conditioning treatment by using yogurt as well as avocado. Mix both of them in a bowl and apply it over your extension for around fifteen minutes and rinse the hair as usual using the shampoo. The last option for making your hair extensions soft is by using the mixture of olive oil and honey over the hair. After massaging the mixture over your hair rinse it using normal warm water. All these treatment can be applied over the hair extensions before or after using it on your head.

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Tight Spiral Hair Curls

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Tight spiral curls are the best hairstyle if have a naturally curly looking hair. There are ways that can be followed to get this type of hairstyle, but you must give proper maintenance to the hair to make it look beautiful. You can try using small rollers to get this hairstyle without going to a hairstylist. You can leave small rollers overnight to achieve this look or use a blow dryer same day.
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Wash the hair a day before using this styling technique and apply a hair conditioner on the same day. Make sure that the hair has been properly moisturized to make it look sleek and smooth. Then get the small rollers which are the best tool to create tight curls. Use the small rollers to wrap the hair section from the end and gently move toward the scalp of the head. Try to bend the rollers inward at the end to make it secured into your hair. Use the same method for wrapping your hair with the rollers. Cover the hair with satin wrap and make the small rollers to stay in your hair overnight. In the next morning take the small rollers out of the head slowly and mist it with a spray that can add shine into your hair. You can also dry the hair using blow dryer along with diffuser instead of leaving the hair overnight. But using the blow dryer can make the hairstyle look uneven in some places around your head.

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Low Messy Bun

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Low messy bun is a hairstyle that can give a glamorous look for everyone who like to wear it with their long hair. Most of the celebrities with long hair try to wear this hairstyle for various events. This style can be done at home than going to a hairstylist to save money as well time. You can create this hairstyle with a straight hair or use a curling iron to make the hair curly before using this styling method to make it look elegant.
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Try to add a small amount of hair straightening serum all over your hair when it becomes completely dry after washing. Spread the serum from top to end of the hair in an evenly manner. Then use a blow dryer with medium heat for drying the hair and also use the paddle brush during this process. Now take the hair to create simple ponytail near nape of the neck at any side of the head. Use only elastic band for keeping your ponytail secured in place and start twisting the hair loosely to create the bun shape. You can use bobby pins to keep the bun in place. Try to leave your fingers gently into the hair to make it loose and to achieve a messy look. You can also leave the bangs to fall over the forehead. At last use a hairspray to mist the entire hairstyle and wear hair accessories that can look good with this hairstyle.

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Braiding Short Hair With Extensions

short braid extensions short braid extensions2
Having a short hair can be very difficult to style it in different ways. In case you want to create a braided hairstyle with the short hair, it is not possible for anyone. But you can create the braided hairstyle with the short hair by attaching extensions along with your hair.
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short braid extensions5 short braid extensions6
First wash your and condition it before washing as well as conditioning the hair extensions in the same way. Then make four parts in your hair and secure three of them separately. Next take the loose hair section to make it a square piece which will be used for the braiding process. Now take the small hair extension for wrapping it with your braid section and leave 3 inch to hang over your left side. The natural hair will be left in the middle and hair extension can be seen at the side. Try to braid them by taking left piece over the right and right over your left piece. Continue this method till the end and use make a slipknot at the end of the braid. To create the slipknot, take two hair strands away from your main section from your braid and over the two fingers. Then send it over your braid and from the hole that was created in between your braid as well as the fingers. Try following the same technique on the remaining hair sections that was secured individually in the beginning of the styling process.

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Highlighting Hair Using A Brush

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There are different methods used for adding highlight in the hair and one of the simple way is doing it with the help of a hair brush. This technique can be used on the hair at home without any support. But you must select the best hair color to achieve the look in a proper way. Start your highlighting process with a clean hair which must be washed using clarifying shampoo.
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Then take the highlight kit and read the instructions on the package and comb the hair to take the tangles out. Now style the hair in such a way that the highlighted hair strands are visible after the coloring process. Use the highlights from the hair roots and brush it from root of the hair to end. Use the same way to add highlights on the other parts of your hair and try to roll the highlighted section using bobby pins to keep it in place while you color the other sections in the manner. Once the hair is left as per the time mentioned on the highlighting kit try to take the bobby pins out and don’t leave the hair more than the time mentioned on the kit. Next rinse the hair using warm water and make sure to condition it properly. Use the conditioner that is available with the highlighting kit as it will be specially made for this purpose and avoid using other hair conditioners that you use for styling the hair.

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Steps To Grow Relaxed Hair

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Making the hair relaxed can be a difficult process and in case you are trying to grow your hair naturally relaxed it can give a hard time. Most of the people usually prefer to relax their hair using chemicals, but you can also achieve it naturally. Here is a method to grow relaxed hair without using any hairstyling products go to a hairstyling for better hair growth.
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Try using the hair relaxer made especially for the fine textured hair such as mild relaxers as they feature low levels of straightening chemical. Don’t use touch up products more than one time in six months as it can damage the hair permanently. Also don leave the relaxer on your hair for a long time as it can easily effect your hair growth. Always comb the hair using wide tooth brush after dividing it into different parts. Make the hair to dry naturally or you can also use loose curlers to prevent any kind of damages. Give the hair sometime to repair naturally without using any products before styling it with heating tools. Get hot oil treatment one in 2 weeks which can make your hair shaft stronger and use the same treatment on the hair a day before going for chemical treatment. You can select olive oil for getting the hot oil treatment as it is known to be the best natural product or there are also other products that are available in a local store.

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