Best Relaxer For Your Hair Type

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Hair relaxers are the best tool to make the hair straight and it is important to know which one is the best suitable for your hair type before purchasing them. Consult a hairstylist before using the hair relaxer on the hair as the relaxer must cause very minimum damage to the hair. You must give extra care while using the hair relaxer for the first time on your hair.
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First go to a hair specialist who has good experience in using the relaxers. Select home relaxer tool which must be based on the type of hair you have and its texture. There are different types of hair relaxers with different strengths. But mainly there are only three types of relaxers available in the market that is chemically used such as lye, no-lye and thio. Other nonchemical relaxers include Bodiphier that is not used by many to make the hair straight. If you have a thick hair, go for lye relaxer to achieve some of the best results. Use no-lye and thio relaxer if you have a thin hair to prevent any kind of damage to the hair. Try using nonchemical relaxers on the hair that has been treated with color. There are also hair relaxers that feature conditioners as well as other products that can support the hairstyling process. Don’t use the relaxers or other styling products such as colors for about 2 months after using hair relaxer for the first time.

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Treating Hair With Mango Moisturizer

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Mango moisturizer that is prepared at home for using it on the hair can be a perfect choice if you have a dull or frizzy hair. The mango features vitamins such as C and E that can help to improve the hair growth. You can use a normal mango and banana to prepare the hair moisturizer at home by using this method before applying it over the hair.
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First take fresh mango and a banana as they both must be mixed to prepare the moisturizer. Slice them in a bowl and mix plain yogurt in it. Try to mix all these items perfectly till it becomes paste like substance. Then dampen your hair slightly and apply the mixture all over your scalp as well as the hair from top to bottom. Cover the hair with the shower cap before leaving it on for at least half an hour. After taking the shower cap out of your hair, try to wash them using a shampoo. Make the hair to dry on its own and then style it as per your wish. If you are planning make the moisturizer more effective, try to add two drops of lavender oil in the mixture. This moisturizer must not be used on the hair that is too thin as it is a best choice only if you have a thick hair. Don’t use other chemical products while using this moisturizer on your hair as it will not be effective.

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Using Natural Hair To Create Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks are considered to give a new type of look when it is created in a proper manner. Most of the people use hair extensions to achieve this look, but you can use your natural hair to make the dreadlocks look perfect. Begin the styling after washing the hair and drying it with a normal towel.
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Then divide a section of hair that will be used to create the dreadlocks. To do this, first part your hair in the middle to start the styling with the first half section. Now take one inch hair strand from the section of hair and divide it as four small hair sections using a brush. Make the hair to fall down by bending yourself forward and mist it with hairspray. Take the hair strands in your hand in between the thumb and index finger, then keep the brush near the scalp for pushing it upwards. Use the hair brush to take the hair upwards and close to your scalp. Next roll the hair with the fingers while taking the individual hair out of the brush. Continue this process from top to bottom of the hair and once the dreads come into a proper shape use rubber band to secure them in place. Use this method on other hair sections and spread a little amount of hair wax all over using your hands. You must roll the dreads daily by applying hair wax till they get settled properly in its place.

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Maintaining Hair While Extending Relaxing Process

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Hair relaxers can be used on any type of hair and you must treat the hair properly for at least 4-5 weeks after the hair relaxing process. In order to make the hair strong as well as healthy extend the relaxing process for at least 6 months. Use a hair conditioner on the hair once in a week after washing it with a normal shampoo while extending the hair relaxing process.
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First take care of your newly grown hair by using deep conditioner. This can maintain the straight look in your hair for a long time. Use a deep conditioner that features fatty acids which are very important for hair strands that already exist and the new one also. Maintain the moisture in your hair always and don’t leave the hair to dry. Making the hair dry can spoil the entire look of the relaxed hair. Use hair oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or others suitable for your hair type as they can maintain the hairstyle in its actual shape. Hair oil is considered to be the best product to retain the moisture in your hair. Always style your hair with a normal styling process and stay away from high maintenance hairstyle. Once the hair relaxing process is done in a proper way, you can style the hair in different shapes as per your desire. Try to keep the hair wrapped till the relaxing process is undergone in the hair.

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Best Haircuts To Add Hair Extensions

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Haircuts are of various types that can be done according to your wish. In case you are planning to add hair extensions, then you must select a proper haircut so it can easily match along with the natural hair. The hair extensions will usually make the hair look thick, so there is no need to worry while cutting the hair. It is important to cut the hair in a proper way to make the extensions look more natural.
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The first option is to create layer in the hair and then try to blend the hair extensions to achieve a perfect look. Try using thinning shears to blend the natural hair with the extensions. The layers in your hair can be medium to long in size so they can easily match the hair extensions. Avoid cutting the hair too short as it can spoil your entire look while creating the layered look. In case you are unable to blend the hair properly after getting a proper haircut, try to create waves in the hair or curls can also be the best option. They can easily hide your hair short hair pieces to give a great look. The best haircut to blend the extensions mainly depends on the type of hair you have. Go to a hair specialist to known which haircut can be suitable to blend along with the hair extensions for your hair type. Make sure to use the right tool while styling the hair in this way.

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Using Turmeric To Change Hair Color

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Coloring a gray hair to look blonde can be done using various styling products. But there is another option that can be followed to change the gray hair at home by using turmeric. This is the best and natural way for changing the color of your hair that can be done without getting any help from a hairstylist. After creating the required hair color try to apply it over a strand of hair to check if you have any allergy for turmeric. Avoid using too much of turmeric in the water to prepare the color mixture as it can make the hair look yellow.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add 1/4 cup grated turmeric root in it. Leave the water to steep and cover it with a lid. Leave the grated turmeric root in the water till it becomes completely cool. Now take only water from the bowl and pour it in a bottle. Place a towel around the shoulders to prevent the mixture from falling on your cloths. Wear hand gloves and start using the mixture that is in the bottle all over the hair from root to end. You can use your fingers to do this and try to apply it over the hair in sections. After covering the hair with this mixture brush the hair and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. Then wash the hair using a shampoo before applying a suitable hair conditioner all over the hair.

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Methods To Create Curls With Remy Straight Hair

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A Remy hair is a hair extension that is considered to be the best among most of the people as it can give completely natural look. In most cases the Remy hair will look completely straight and if you want to create curls with this hair extension try to follow these simple steps. There are many people who wear the Remy hair in the same way as it is purchased and only few of them try to create waves or curls in this hair as it can give them a unique look.
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First you must get a 1 inch barrel to curl the straight and long remy hair. Then brush the hair using a rattail hair brush and divide your hair into sections. Try to begin the styling process from top or at the bottom of your hair. Secure each of the hair section using styling hair band. Next take one of the hair section and try to roll it with the barrel. Now there will be small amount of hair left in your hand and hold it with the wand for about ten seconds in the barrel. Ten seconds will be more than enough to achieve the curls and in case the hair looks too much thick leave it in the barrel for another ten seconds. Now your hair section will have curls and use the same method on the other hair sections that was separated before to create the curls in them.

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Rinsing Your Hair With Henna

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Henna rinse can help to condition your hair and it can also make the hair look bright. Even though most of the people use henna for coloring their hair, it can help to maintain the natural oil in your hair which can make it look healthy. Make sure to wear hand gloves before starting this process. Start the styling with an unwashed hair because washing the hair with a shampoo can take the natural oil present in the hair. Try to do hair strand test before using the henna mixture over your hair.
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First take henna powder about 100 grams in a bowl and add 1 tbsp lemon juice to create paste. Then add the mixture in a bottle and mix distilled water in it with equal volume. Try to shake the bottle and leave it for at least 7-8 hours. Apply a petroleum jelly near your forehead and around the ears to prevent henna from spreading out of your hair. Now you can apply the mixture on the hair and rinse it using warm water. After spreading the henna mixture all over the hair as well the scalp leave it on for about 20 minutes before getting it rinsed. Try to use only warm water for the rinsing process without wringing the hair. Then condition your entire hair using a moisturizing hair conditioner and there is no need to rinse the hair as it can be helpful while brushing the hair.

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Temp Fade Hairstyle

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Temp fade is a very unique haircut that must be created by going to a saloon. You must try to known the proper method to create this hairstyle at home. Try to get some help from a friend while doing this at home. You can use clippers to achieve your faded look at home without going to a hair specialist.
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First brush the hair and cut the hair to at least one inch in length using scissors. Then take the hair over the top of your head to know the length in which the fade will be created. You can just use clippers along with four guard size for cutting the hair at the side. Try to begin the haircut from bottom of your head and move upwards. While reaching the top area of your head take the clippers away from your crown to achieve faded shape. Use the same method with three guard size as you did with the four guard size. Next use two guard size clippers and use it again from bottom of the head to cut it upward. Now cut the hair at the back and sideburns which will create the sharp lines. You can use fine toothed hair brush to do this and after the hair looks edged up try to cut it towards top of the head about one inch on both the side of your head. Finally trim out the hair that comes out of your hairstyle using scissors.

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Creating Dreadlocks With Caucasian Hair

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Styling a Caucasian hair into dreadlocks can be a difficult process if you are doing it for the first time. Most of the people try to consult a hairstylist to achieve the dreads in the Caucasian hair, but this style can be done at home with few simple styling methods. First wash your Caucasian hair using a dreadlock shampoo about two weeks before starting the styling process and avoid using a hair conditioner.
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Then divide the hair as two inch sections as per your desire and secure each of the section using rubbers bands. Next take one of the hair sections and backcomb it. Try to rotate your hair during the backcombing process by holding it at the side of the head to create the circular shape which will form the dreadlocks. Secure this dreadlocks using another rubber band about half inch over base of the scalp. Use this technique on the other sections of your hair that was secured with rubbers bands earlier. This process may consume more time while doing it on your own so get help from a friend. After creating the dreadlocks, apply a dread hair wax all over using your fingers. Try using the wax on each dreadlocks one by one till all of them get covered. Maintaining the dreadlocks is very important than creating it and washing them once in two weeks can help to keep it healthy. Once the dreadlocks get matured, it needs very low maintenance.

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