Steps To Prepare Weak Hair Color

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Hair coloring is a very unique process that is followed by most of the people. Most of the time a weak hair color can make the coloring process to work very slowly which is one of the best way to known how much color can be applied over your hair to achieve the best result. There are few people who have been facing problems while coloring the hair at home as the color applied over the hair can become darker sometimes. So it is better to make the coloring product weak by following this method which can be helpful in maintaining the hair color as light as possible.
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First take same amount of hair color and developer in a small bowl. Try to add at least one tbsp water and try to mix them in a perfect way. You can use a coloring brush for stirring the mixture in the bowl for at least 4-5 minutes and make sure that it has been properly mixed before proceeding further. Leave the mixture open for ten more minutes and don’t use any kind of lid to cover it during this time. The hair color will start to become weak due to the natural air that will oxidize it perfectly. Now you can use this mixture on the hair as usual without getting help from anyone. Try to use water in the mixture depending upon the color you want to achieve after applying it over the hair.

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