Steam Treat Hair At Home

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Steam treating hair can keep it moisturized as well as strong for a long time. It can also help to detangle the hair very easily by opening the hair cuticles easily with using any conditioner. You can get the steam treatment at home without spending too much time. You must be very careful while getting the steam treatment at home and don’t do it more than two times as it can make the hair strands weak.
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As usual clean your hair using clarifying shampoo to remove the buildup of dirt. Then use the hair conditioner all over the hair strands which is a very important process that must be followed without fail before going for the steam treatment. Now place a plastic cap over the head and make sure it sits perfect over the head without coming out. Wear hand gloves and take a towel for dipping into hot water. Keep the towel slightly damp and wrap it over the head and place another cap over the towel which can keep the steam in place. Let the towel stay over your head for half an hour and wet the towel again with hot water if you want to use it over the head twice. Once the towel on the head becomes cool, take it out gently and use normal water for the rinsing process. Try this method of steaming your hair at least once in a week to maintain the hair healthy.

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