Using Tomato Juice To Maintain Blond Hair

blonde hair tomato blonde hair tomato2
There are several ways to make the hair look blonde and the best natural way is using the tomato juice. Most of the time people with blonde hair will find green shades on the hair and this mainly happens when they enter into the swimming pools. You can follow this simple step for getting back the original blonde color in your hair.
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You must use this method before taking a bath and leave the tomato juice on the hair for some time. First take 8 oz tomato juice in a bowl and start applying it over the hair section by section. Try to use the tomato juice over the hair as well as the scalp on your head with the help of your fingers. Leave the hair with tomato juice for at least 15 minutes which will make it to enter into the hair and take the green shades out of your hair. Now you can rinse the hair until it becomes free from the tomato juice. Make sure that the tomato juice has been fully taken out of your hair and then use a normal shampoo for washing the hair. If you still find the green shades in your hair after following this method, continue this process once again till the hair gets back its actual color. After this process you must condition the hair with proper techniques. Use hair conditioner as well the shampoo that can add moisture in the hair naturally.

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