Side Swept Fishtail

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Side swept fishtail is the beat and unique way to create a beautiful looking hairstyle that can be worn for any place. Anyone can create this hairstyle on their own by following few simple steps. You must know the simple way to create the fishtail in your hair to achieve this look. The standard fishtail method can be used to create this hairstyle. Use this method for creating the side fishtail hairstyle without using special styling techniques.
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To create side swept fishtail, first brush the hair to create a simple ponytail. Use the ponytail holder to secure the ponytail in place. Try to create small sections in your for wrapping it around the holder. Then create two parts in your hair and pull out hair from bottom in the left side of the head and move over top right of the head. Take bottom hair from right side over top left of the head and maintain it in the sideways till you reach the bottom of the head. After creating the fishtail braid your hair will stay on one side of the head. Use small rubber band to keep the braid in place. After creating this hairstyle, use a hair accessory that can make it look beautiful and then mist the entire hair with a spray. Use a clear rubber band that can look invisible while using it over the hairstyle and try to wear a dress that can match your fishtail.

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