Treating Hair After Taking Your Weave Out

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Hair weaves are the best choice for those who want to make their hair look long. There are different techniques that are used to attach the weave along with the natural hair. If you have used the weave and planning to remove it, the hair may look slightly damaged. You must treat the hair in a proper way after taking the weave out to make it grow much stronger.
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First get a haircut where the hair at the end must be trimmed. Then use hair products that are made to treat the damaged hair which includes shampoos, hair conditioners and more. Brush your hair when it is still damp using a standard wide tooth hair brush and apply leave-in hair conditioner all over your head which can prevent further damage to the hair. Get a deep hair conditioning treatment at least once in a week which can restore the moisture in the hair. Try to leave the deep conditioner for about twenty minutes in the hair and then rinse it normally. Stay away from heat styling tools which includes hair dryers, curling irons and others. Using all such tools on the hair can make the treating process much longer. Avoid using any kind of chemicals on the hair after taking the weave out as the hair needs some time to recover completely. Eat food products that contain lot of proteins on daily basis which can help to make the hair thick naturally.

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