Creating Layers With Permed Hair

layer perm hair layer perm hair2
Creating layer in permed hair can make it look amazing and this is the best to get a versatile look. The perm layered hair can be created with any type of hair without going to a hair specialist and it can be worn for a long time. Blow drying the hair is very important in this process to achieve the best results. Avoid using this method for making the hair straight permanently as it can cause serious damage to your hair. Don’t use the blow dryer without the paddle brush while styling the permed hair.
layer perm hair3 layer perm hair4

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To layer the permed hair, wash it using clarifying shampoo before using a deep hair conditioner. Use hair products that are good for straightening the hair and dry the hair using a towel. Mist the hair with heat protectant hairspray and dry the hair roughly using a blow dryer for few minutes. Make three sections in the hair and brush each of them using paddle brush along with the blow dryer which can help in making the hair strands straight. Use this process on the remaining hair section and finally use cold hair from the blow dryer all over the hair which can be helpful in keeping the straight. You can use the flat iron with low heat on the hair sections and at least apply a hair serum on the strands to end the styling. Cut the hair ends n regular basis to stay away from split ends.

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