Styling Front Hair Using A Gel

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Styling the hair with a gel can make it look amazing and especially if you have a short hair. Applying the hair gel in front of your head can be a very simple process that can be done by both men and women. This hairstyle is mostly worn by men as it can give a spiky look and if you are a woman use the bangs in front of the head to achieve the look. Use a hair gel that is suitable for your hair and avoid using other hair products during this styling process.
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Before styling the front hair in this way, first you must make sure that the hair has been fully cleaned using a shampoo and dry it using a towel. Try to maintain the dampness in your hair during the styling process and add a little amount of gel in your hand for working it over the bangs in front of the head. You can simply use your fingers for styling the hair in this way and try to shape it as per your desire. Apply the hair gel all over the bangs till stand straight up, Next mist the hair with a spray which can give additional hold for the bangs standing straight. Use the same hair gel all over the head and style the remaining hair as you wish. You must use the hair gel whenever the hair becomes too lose its shape during the day.

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