Temp Fade Hairstyle

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Temp fade is a very unique haircut that must be created by going to a saloon. You must try to known the proper method to create this hairstyle at home. Try to get some help from a friend while doing this at home. You can use clippers to achieve your faded look at home without going to a hair specialist.
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First brush the hair and cut the hair to at least one inch in length using scissors. Then take the hair over the top of your head to know the length in which the fade will be created. You can just use clippers along with four guard size for cutting the hair at the side. Try to begin the haircut from bottom of your head and move upwards. While reaching the top area of your head take the clippers away from your crown to achieve faded shape. Use the same method with three guard size as you did with the four guard size. Next use two guard size clippers and use it again from bottom of the head to cut it upward. Now cut the hair at the back and sideburns which will create the sharp lines. You can use fine toothed hair brush to do this and after the hair looks edged up try to cut it towards top of the head about one inch on both the side of your head. Finally trim out the hair that comes out of your hairstyle using scissors.

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