Maintaining Hair While Extending Relaxing Process

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Hair relaxers can be used on any type of hair and you must treat the hair properly for at least 4-5 weeks after the hair relaxing process. In order to make the hair strong as well as healthy extend the relaxing process for at least 6 months. Use a hair conditioner on the hair once in a week after washing it with a normal shampoo while extending the hair relaxing process.
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First take care of your newly grown hair by using deep conditioner. This can maintain the straight look in your hair for a long time. Use a deep conditioner that features fatty acids which are very important for hair strands that already exist and the new one also. Maintain the moisture in your hair always and don’t leave the hair to dry. Making the hair dry can spoil the entire look of the relaxed hair. Use hair oil such as coconut oil, olive oil or others suitable for your hair type as they can maintain the hairstyle in its actual shape. Hair oil is considered to be the best product to retain the moisture in your hair. Always style your hair with a normal styling process and stay away from high maintenance hairstyle. Once the hair relaxing process is done in a proper way, you can style the hair in different shapes as per your desire. Try to keep the hair wrapped till the relaxing process is undergone in the hair.

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