Treating Hair With Mango Moisturizer

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Mango moisturizer that is prepared at home for using it on the hair can be a perfect choice if you have a dull or frizzy hair. The mango features vitamins such as C and E that can help to improve the hair growth. You can use a normal mango and banana to prepare the hair moisturizer at home by using this method before applying it over the hair.
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First take fresh mango and a banana as they both must be mixed to prepare the moisturizer. Slice them in a bowl and mix plain yogurt in it. Try to mix all these items perfectly till it becomes paste like substance. Then dampen your hair slightly and apply the mixture all over your scalp as well as the hair from top to bottom. Cover the hair with the shower cap before leaving it on for at least half an hour. After taking the shower cap out of your hair, try to wash them using a shampoo. Make the hair to dry on its own and then style it as per your wish. If you are planning make the moisturizer more effective, try to add two drops of lavender oil in the mixture. This moisturizer must not be used on the hair that is too thin as it is a best choice only if you have a thick hair. Don’t use other chemical products while using this moisturizer on your hair as it will not be effective.

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