Best Relaxer For Your Hair Type

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Hair relaxers are the best tool to make the hair straight and it is important to know which one is the best suitable for your hair type before purchasing them. Consult a hairstylist before using the hair relaxer on the hair as the relaxer must cause very minimum damage to the hair. You must give extra care while using the hair relaxer for the first time on your hair.
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First go to a hair specialist who has good experience in using the relaxers. Select home relaxer tool which must be based on the type of hair you have and its texture. There are different types of hair relaxers with different strengths. But mainly there are only three types of relaxers available in the market that is chemically used such as lye, no-lye and thio. Other nonchemical relaxers include Bodiphier that is not used by many to make the hair straight. If you have a thick hair, go for lye relaxer to achieve some of the best results. Use no-lye and thio relaxer if you have a thin hair to prevent any kind of damage to the hair. Try using nonchemical relaxers on the hair that has been treated with color. There are also hair relaxers that feature conditioners as well as other products that can support the hairstyling process. Don’t use the relaxers or other styling products such as colors for about 2 months after using hair relaxer for the first time.

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