Curling Hair On Top Of Your Head

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The hair on top of the head will become straight sometimes even if you have a naturally curly hair which can look bad for some of them. This can occur due to various reasons and in case you want to curl top layer in your hair there are few steps that can be helpful. It can be done with the help of a curling iron by using a simple styling technique.
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To curl the hair on top of the head, first comb the hair to make it knot free and style the hair as per your desire. Then take half inch hair section on top of the head at the crown and try to brush it once again. Plug-in your curling iron in the electrical outlet so it becomes fully hot. Now take the curling iron with its jaws opened for using it at the end of your hair section. After closing your iron try to roll the hair in it without touching the scalp and use a hairspray to spritz it over. Once the hair starts to observe heat, take the curling iron out of it very slowly. You must be very careful while opening the curling iron jaws and mist the hair once again after taking it out of the iron. Now pull out another hair section and curl it in the same way till you get satisfied. Bend the head down and use the hairspray which can add more volume into your hair.

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Updated Geisha Bun

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Geisha bun has been a very special hairstyle for some of the women. People have been updating this hairstyle to make it look more different than ever. You can create the updated Geisha bun with the help of simple hairstyling tools. This type of hairstyle can be created very easily by using few simple styling tools and techniques. While creating this look for the first time get support from a hairstylist by going to a saloon as you may make it look simple by doing it at home.
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First wash your entire hair with dry shampoo which can help to add more volume into the hair. Try to massage the shampoo into your hair using your fingers. Next comb the hair to make it more manageable. Now take the entire hair on top of the head just in front of your forehead and keep it secured using hair elastic. You can also wrap it as many times as possible to maintain the ponytail in place. Then make the ponytail a little loose using your fingers and try to twist your hair around it similar to the wrapping process and finally it must look a coil over the head. Use bobby pins for keeping the bun in place and once the bun stays in place in a perfect shape try to mist it with a finishing hairspray. You can use any type of small hair accessories for styling this hairstyle to make it look beautiful.

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Styling Your Short Hair With Curlers

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Having a short hair can be very difficult to style with a different look, but you can use curler on the short hair to make them completely unique. The curlers are normally used on a long hair to create curls of different shapes and using it on the short hair can be difficult for some of them while doing it for the first time. In most cases, many will go to a hairstylist to create the curls when they have shorter hair. You just need to have a hair curler, hairspray and heated hair dryer to achieve this look.
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To use curlers, separate hair sections and take a hair part horizontally about half inch in size. Then apply a hair gel over the hair section on the same while using the curlers on the hair. Try to use the hair curler from the bottom part of your hair after taking the entire hair section up in 90 degree angle. Gently roll the curler into your hair towards the scalp without losing the tension and then try to roll it till the end. Mist the hair with the curler before sitting under the heated dryer which can help to keep the curls in place perfectly. Once the hair section is left with the curler under the dryer, take the curlers very slow out of your hair and style it using your fingers as per your wish. These hair curls can stay in your hair for at least a day.

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Styling A Hair With Clairol Kaleidocolors

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Clairol Kaleidocolors can be the perfect choice to make the hair color light and it can also be used to achieve the desired color in your hair. Most of the time while coloring the hair you may get a brassy look which can be prevented with the help of Kaleidocolors. Avoid using the comb that has metal brushes for brushing your hair or mixing the color. Make sure to protect the skin around the head by applying a hair gel.
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Get the toner that matches your hair color and purchase the Kaleidocolor which is completely opposite to the natural hair color. Comb the hair and add a little hair gel to keep the color from falling over the skin. Start mixing the Kaleidocolor along with the developer by reading the instructions on the kit. Once it has been properly mixed, apply it over one strand of your hair before using it all over the head. You can color the entire hair with this mixture or even create highlights. Use strongest developer for coloring the hair darker while highlighting your hair and use light developer to match the natural hair color. Then cover the hair with foil wrap and leave it on as per the time mentioned on the kit. The time mentioned will be around 20-30 minutes to get the desired color. You can rinse the hair for taking the color out of your hair and apply hair shampoo as well as hair conditioner as per your desire.

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Natural Ways For Making Hair Strong

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Hair can be grown long and strong by using different styling products. But you can also achieve the same result by using few natural ingredients. By doing this you can stay away from damages caused by the chemical products that are used to make the hair strong. By following this simple method you will be able to make your hair strong, but it is important to stay patience during this time as it can be a long process. Stay away from using blow dryer, color, perming and curling iron during this period.
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The first option is eating foods that contain Vitamin B which includes lean sources and foods with Vitamin C like citrus fruits. Also consume lot of nuts, fortified cereals and oysters to prevent Zinc deficiencies as they can lead to number of hair related problems. Try to massage the scalp using herbs which can help in the flow of blood into the hair. Also try out herbal shampoos for washing the hair and the herbs must be rosemary, nettle and horsetail as they can help to maintain the hair healthy. Another final option is using egg yolk to make the hair strong. To do this, first take two egg yolks and mix it in the bowl of water. Use this mixture to massage the scalp and let it stay on for at least ten minutes. Then rinse the entire mixture using warm water and then use apple vinegar to rinse the hair once again.

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Styling Hair With Silky Volume

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Creating a hairstyle with silky volume can help you to achieve a very different kind of look. You can achieve this look without spending too much money as it can be done with the help of a standard flat iron. Before using the flat iron on your hair try to apply a hair volume mousse all over the head which can prevent the hair from getting damaged due to the heat produced by the flat iron.
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Begin your hairstyling by applying a little amount of hair volume mousse all over the hair strands from top to end. Then lift your hair slight up and try to comb it normally with a standard hair brush.  Make sure that there are no knots available in the hair strands as it can spoil the entire look while using the flat iron. After your hair becomes completely smooth use the flat iron on one section of the hair first. While using the flat iron take the horizontal hair section from the right side of the head first. Make sure to use the flat iron with fluid consistency as you move it towards that hair shaft and move towards the end of the hair. Use the same technique till the hair looks big with more volume. Then move on to the other side of the head to use the same method and avoid using the flatiron for a long time on the hair strands as they can easily damage the hair.

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Methods To Cover Your Receding Hairline

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The receding hairline can give a hard time for most of the people and especially for women. This normally occurs over the forehead and near the temples. There are few treatments that have been found to solve this problem, but you can try to cover the receding hairline without any medications. Most of the women will not face this problem unless they have any health related issues. But others who face such an issue can follow these simple methods to cover their receding hairline.

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The best thing to cover a receding hairline is wearing a hat which is also easy and affordable by everyone. If you are a man, then keep the facial hair long so it can get more attention than your head. Women can grow their hair bangs long which can easily cover your receding hairline. Try to get a haircut by going to a saloon and maintain the hair shorter and leave the bangs as long as possible. You can also cut the hair very short so it makes the hairline less noticeable. Most of the people try to shave their hair completely which is not common among women. Try to make your hair look shaggy by making it grow up to chin level. But this method is good for those who have a thinning hair. You can also create the comb over look which is considered to be outdated, but it can help to cover the receding hairline very easily.

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Using Trimmer On Your Neck Hair

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Trimming your hair at the neck can keep it properly fixed if you have a short hair. Most of the time only men will keep their neck hair short when compared to women. But if you want to maintain a short hairstyle, then this method can be helpful in trimming your neck hair. Avoid using the trimmers high over your head which can spoil the entire look and try to use the trimmer over the natural hairline.
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First purchase a trimmer by consulting a hair specialist and then sit in front of the mirror during the styling process. You can use regular hair trimmers to achieve this look and make sure to decide about the hairline that is at the back of the head before starting the trimming. Try to maintain the hairline in a straight line at the back of the neck. Start your trimming process from one side of the head and gently move towards the other side. Try to trim the entire hair at the back till your make it look perfect. Use the same technique at the back of your head as well as the side of your head. You must be ready to trim the neck in this way very often once it has been trimmed to maintain it in a proper shape. If you don’t want to do this at home, try to get help from anyone or go to a hair specialist for good results.

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Steps To Prepare Weak Hair Color

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Hair coloring is a very unique process that is followed by most of the people. Most of the time a weak hair color can make the coloring process to work very slowly which is one of the best way to known how much color can be applied over your hair to achieve the best result. There are few people who have been facing problems while coloring the hair at home as the color applied over the hair can become darker sometimes. So it is better to make the coloring product weak by following this method which can be helpful in maintaining the hair color as light as possible.
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First take same amount of hair color and developer in a small bowl. Try to add at least one tbsp water and try to mix them in a perfect way. You can use a coloring brush for stirring the mixture in the bowl for at least 4-5 minutes and make sure that it has been properly mixed before proceeding further. Leave the mixture open for ten more minutes and don’t use any kind of lid to cover it during this time. The hair color will start to become weak due to the natural air that will oxidize it perfectly. Now you can use this mixture on the hair as usual without getting help from anyone. Try to use water in the mixture depending upon the color you want to achieve after applying it over the hair.

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