Side Fingers Waves

side finger waves side finger waves2
Creating side fingers waves with short hair can be a very easy process that can be done without any special products. There are few people who want to change their normal way of styling their hair and this hairstyle can be suitable for them. This hairstyle can look best when it created with a short to medium length hair and it can be slightly difficult to create this look with long hair.
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First apply a hair gel all over your head when the hair is still damp after washing it. Then make a side part on any side of your head as per your desire. Now keep the middle fingers across the hair and press it side of your fingers with the help of a hair brush. Just try to brush the hair straight down only once from top to bottom along the finger. Then use the middle fingers to create the ridge at the back of the head and now you will have horizontal ridge moving toward one direction of the head. Take the fingers down with the hair for using the same technique to make another ridge and continue the same all over the hair. Leave the hair to get dry naturally with using any hair dryer and once it becomes fully dry mist it with a spray. Just fingers comb the entire hair only if needed and stay away from hair comb as they can spoil the entire hairstyle.

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Change Brown Hair Color Into Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair strawberry blonde hair2
Changing the hair color from dark brown to strawberry blonde can be a very difficult process. You must use multiple hair coloring processes to achieve the desired hair color. This can also cause serious damage to your hair, but you can follow few important steps to prevent hair damage and also get the desired hair color. Avoid using hair color that contains bleach as it can spoil the hair completely.
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Begin the styling with a properly conditioned hair which can help in preventing hair damage during the multiple processes. It is better to get deep-conditioning hair treatment because it features protein that can reduce the damage. Then get three types of hair color such as strawberry blonde, light brown and dark blond color. First use the light brown color on the hair after reading the instructions on the box properly. Then get the deep conditioning done on the hair in the next day. Stay away from using heating tools for styling the hair four days. On the fifth day, try to apply dark blond color and use the deep conditioning process on the next day just like earlier. Now leave your hair as it is for another five days and use the strawberry blond color all over your hair. Your hair will start to change its color and reach to your desired color. At last use the deep conditioner again for another one week which can help the hair to stay healthy.

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Methods To Make Puffy Hair Look Flat

puffy hair flat puffy hair flat2
Making the puffy hair flat is very simple that can be done at home than going to a hairstylist. Having a puffy hair can be difficult to manage as it can get tangled easily, so most of the people will try to make them flat by using different styling tools. Here are few things that can help to make the puffy hair look flat. Try to use a hair protectant spray all over the hair before starting your styling process to stay away from hair damage.
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Begin the styling with a properly washed and conditioned hair. This can help to maintain the hair without any frizz. Then mist the entire hair with straightening serum and brush it gently. Next make different sections in your hair and use a hair dryer on each hair sections. Try to comb the hair using large bristle hair brush along with a diffuser during the drying process. Once you complete the hair drying process, the hair will look flat. Now separate the hair into sections after using the hair dryer to use the ceramic hair straightening iron. Take about half inch hair strand and keep your straightening iron near the hair root and gently slide it towards the hair end. Use this simple straightening process all over your hair till it become fully flat as per your desire. Now you can use hair oil such as olive oil about 3 drops as it can make the hair look smooth.

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Steps To Make Your Hair Mayonnaise Free

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Mayonnaise can be used for conditioning hair which can make it look shiny and healthy. Just like other hair conditioners, the mayonnaise can also stay in your hair even after rinsing it in a proper way. This can make your hair look oily and spoil your entire hairstyle. The remove the mayonnaise out of your hair just try to wash the entire hair with shampoo than going to a hair specialist.
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To get rid of the mayonnaise from hair fully, first you must apply a diluted shampoo all over the hair and spread it evenly throughout. Then rinse your hair till the shampoo comes out of your hair and use your fingers for removing the mayonnaise from your hair. If you have a short hair the mayonnaise will be removed out of your hair for the first shampoo wash and if you have a long hair, try to use the shampoo at least two times. While washing your hair second time with the shampoo make sure to create lather in the hair so your fingers slide easily into the hair. Now you can go through the hair to check whether it looks oily. Then brush your hair to make sure that the mayonnaise is removed fully out of your hair. Use cold water to rinse the hair finally to make the hair look shiny. Those who have a damaged hair must apply a hair conditioner after washing their hair with the shampoo.

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Using Fine Hair To Create Spiral Curls

spiral curl fine hair spiral curl fine hair2
Creating spiral curls with a fine hair can be a little difficult process. The spiral curls are normally created with a thick hair as it can easily be the perfect choice for this type of hairstyle. If you have a thin hair and planning to achieve spiral curls, then try to follow particular methods. You can achieve this look with the help of wider barrel curling iron.
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spiral curl fine hair5 spiral curl fine hair6
First prepare your hair by washing it a day before the styling and make sure that the hair is fully dry before moving to the next step. While using this method for the first time try to get some help from a friend which will become easier while curling the hair at the back of your head. Now create a simple half ponytail in your hair and divide a hair section about one inch width. Use the curling iron on the section from top to bottom and roll this section in the iron completely. Then mist the hair using a aerosol spray when the hair is still in the curling iron. Keep the iron on top of the head and try to twist it from the iron till the end of your hair. Use the same method on remaining hair sections to create the spiral curls. You can also use sponge hair curlers to achieve the same type of curls and it can be the perfect choice for styling your hair for a casual occasion.

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Using Rag Rollers To Curl Hair

rag roller hair rag roller hair2
Using a rag roller on your hair can help to achieve beautiful looking curls all over the head. This styling method only needs rags that can be created using cotton shirt which will be cut in strips for wrapping the hair sections. You can achieve this hairstyle at home using your hands and try to mist the hair with a spray at the end of your styling process. Use this method to get this hairstyle overnight without spending too much time.
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rag roller hair5 rag roller hair6
Begin the styling by cutting the old cotton cloth in strips about 4-5 inches long. Then divide your hair into half inch parts all over the head or divide much smaller sections to create small curls. Next spritz your hair with water to make it slightly damp which is very important to maintain the curl in a perfect shape at the end of your styling process. Try to wrap the strip of cloth that was cut earlier around each hair sections from end toward the scalp on the head. You must secure the rags ends along with the hair by creating a knot. Use the same technique to wrap other sections of your hair with cloth strip. Leave the hair with the strip of cloth overnight and take them out only in the morning. Use your hands very gently while taking the cloth strip out of the hair. Finally use a spray to mist the entire hair and brush them using your fingers.

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Steps To Close Trim Your Hair

close trim hair close trim hair2
Close trimming hair is a process that can be used to cut the hair very short. This type of hairstyle is normally worn by men than women. This hair trimming process can vary among different people depending upon the texture of their hair. Here are few things that can be considered while styling the hair in this technique. Use a simple hair clipper with the right guards to achieve this style.
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close trim hair5 close trim hair6
First comb the hair to make it tangle free and decide about the length of your hair after the trimming process. Then take the clippers with particular guard for starting the cutting process. Make sure to cover your shoulder using a cloth to prevent the hair from falling over your dress. Begin the trimming process on individual hair strands from left side of the head and move towards the back of your head. To get low haircuts, try to cut the hair against its grain and use the shears later. Then take the guards from the clipper to lower its lever fully and trim the hair on your other side of the head. Try to cut the hairline near temples to make it look perpendicular on top of the hairline. To cut the hair near your neck, move the clippers along its edges gently. You must make the hairline look even on both the side of the head. After completing the trimming process apply a little amount of oil on the trimmed areas.

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Changing Gray Hair Into Blonde Using Turmeric

turmeric blonde hair turmeric blonde hair2
Coloring hair is an easy process that is undergone by most of the people to change their look. Instead of using chemical hair colors for changing the color of your hair there are natural products just like turmeric that can also give the same hair color especially if your hair looks gray. Using turmeric on a gray hair can make it look blonde. To achieve the blonde color with gray hair using turmeric just follow these simple methods.
turmeric blonde hair3 turmeric blonde hair4

turmeric blonde hair5 turmeric blonde hair6
First take boiling water in a bowl and add turmeric root into the bowl. Make the water to steep which will make the turmeric root to soak in the bowl of water. Then take only the liquid out of the bowl and prepare yourself for the styling process. Wear hand gloves and place a cloth around the shoulders to prevent the liquid from falling over your skin. Next bend your head down in the sink for applying the liquid over your hair from top to bottom with the help of your hands. First use this liquid on one strand of your hair to check its absorption rate. Use the same method using your hands over the other hair strands till it becomes fully saturated. Now you can brush the hair with the liquid and make it dry for fifteen minutes. Then you can get your hair washed as usual using a shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Go through your entire hair and it will look fully blonde.

turmeric blonde hair7 turmeric blonde hair8

Creating Braids Using Hair Straightening Tools

braids straight hair braids straight hair2
Braiding hair can be done using various styling products and tools, but you can also use straight hairstyling products to achieve the same look. The hair products used on the straight hair are considered to be a perfect choice to create neat braids. You can use the straight hairstyling products on the hair to create braids along your hairline so it can give a completely neat look.
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braids straight hair5 braids straight hair6
First try to make the hair straight if it looks frizzy or if there are any flyaways. You can do this by using a heated hair straightener which is very important step before starting the braiding process. Then brush your hair using a paddle brush and divide one inch hair part along the hairline over your head. Now take the left out hair to make a simple ponytail. Next separate your hair part into three sections. Start crossing the three sections on each other just like creating a normal braid. After reaching the end of your hair take another one inch hair part just below your braid over the hairline for including it with the middle section in your braid. You can use the same technique on the remaining hair parts over the hair and make sure to keep the braid along your hairline to make it look neat. Finally use hair pins for keeping the braid in place and mist it using a spray. Use the hairspray only over the braid to make them look shiny and beautiful.

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Using Peppermint Oil For Hair Growth

peppermint oil hair peppermint oil hair2
Peppermint oil is also one of the best products for treating the hair naturally. Even though this oil is known to be used for treating headaches, nausea and more, it can be used for hair growth. It is best known for increasing the blood flow on places where it is applied on. This oil is also available in capsule form if you are not willing to use it in oil form. Make sure that you are not allergic to peppermint oil before applying it for hair growth as it can cause slight irritation after using it over the scalp.
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peppermint oil hair5 peppermint oil hair6
If you are planning to use this oil to increase your hair growth, try to mix it along with other carrier oil such as grapeseed or jojoba and apply it directly over the scalp. You will feel the tingling effect that is considered to be the symptoms of hair growth and it mainly felt while using the peppermint oil. The peppermint oil can be purchased at food store and local pharmacy. It is available in bottles that can be used for a long time. It is important to get information about using the peppermint oil on your hair before trying it on the scalp. Mainly who are pregnant must stay away from this oil completely. This oil may cause allergic reactions sometimes it if not used in a proper way. Apart from hair growth this oil is also used for various other purposes.

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