Fancy Chignon Hairstyle

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Fancy chignon is a hairstyle that can be worn for any event and this hairstyle is also worn by many celebrities. There is no need to go to a hairstyle to get this style done on your hair. Try to maintain the hair in a proper way to keep it in the same way. You can use your fingers to create this chignon and with some good practice it can be achieved very easily.
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First wash the hair before using a anti-frizz hair serum and comb the entire hair to create a ponytail. Get a grip at the base of your ponytail using your one hand and try to twist it like a spiral. Keep base of your ponytail using your hand lift its tail up using the other hand. Create a coil with your hair clockwise and after creating half circle take the hand out of the coiled hair. Continue the coiling process from the tail and tuck the hair ends under your chignon. Use bobby pins for securing your chignon in place by sending it from outside edge of the hair. You can also use a hair stick for pushing it from the right side of the chignon and make the thin layer to it over the stick. Now you must rotate it slightly and push the stick through base of your bun. Avoid putting too much of pressure over the hair while creating this style as you may damage the hair.

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