Hairstyle With Glee Ponytail

glee ponytail glee ponytail2
Glee ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is worn by cheerleaders and this style can be easily achieved using bobby pins. Anyone with long hair can create this look without using any special techniques. This style can also be created with the help of your hands and it can also be worn by kids to get a very simple look. Create curls in the glee ponytail and mainly at the end of your hair to make it look perfect.
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To create glee ponytail, comb your complete hair using a hair brush and then take ponytail bungee for wrapping it around tightly. This will make the ponytail to stay in one place much tighter and use bobby pins to keep the hair ends in place. Now the glee ponytail will be ready and if you want to make this hairstyle a little attractive try to create curls in the hair. Try to use a curling iron to create the curly looking hair in the ponytail. While creating the curls in your hair try to use pins to keep them in place till they get completely cool which can give long lasting as well as defined curls. After taking the pins out of the curled hair try to comb them as usual using your fingers. Don’t curl the entire hair in the same direction as it can make it look simple. Try to curl the hair towards the end of your hair and mid-length.

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