Using Rag Rollers To Curl Hair

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Using a rag roller on your hair can help to achieve beautiful looking curls all over the head. This styling method only needs rags that can be created using cotton shirt which will be cut in strips for wrapping the hair sections. You can achieve this hairstyle at home using your hands and try to mist the hair with a spray at the end of your styling process. Use this method to get this hairstyle overnight without spending too much time.
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Begin the styling by cutting the old cotton cloth in strips about 4-5 inches long. Then divide your hair into half inch parts all over the head or divide much smaller sections to create small curls. Next spritz your hair with water to make it slightly damp which is very important to maintain the curl in a perfect shape at the end of your styling process. Try to wrap the strip of cloth that was cut earlier around each hair sections from end toward the scalp on the head. You must secure the rags ends along with the hair by creating a knot. Use the same technique to wrap other sections of your hair with cloth strip. Leave the hair with the strip of cloth overnight and take them out only in the morning. Use your hands very gently while taking the cloth strip out of the hair. Finally use a spray to mist the entire hair and brush them using your fingers.

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