Change Brown Hair Color Into Strawberry Blonde

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Changing the hair color from dark brown to strawberry blonde can be a very difficult process. You must use multiple hair coloring processes to achieve the desired hair color. This can also cause serious damage to your hair, but you can follow few important steps to prevent hair damage and also get the desired hair color. Avoid using hair color that contains bleach as it can spoil the hair completely.
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Begin the styling with a properly conditioned hair which can help in preventing hair damage during the multiple processes. It is better to get deep-conditioning hair treatment because it features protein that can reduce the damage. Then get three types of hair color such as strawberry blonde, light brown and dark blond color. First use the light brown color on the hair after reading the instructions on the box properly. Then get the deep conditioning done on the hair in the next day. Stay away from using heating tools for styling the hair four days. On the fifth day, try to apply dark blond color and use the deep conditioning process on the next day just like earlier. Now leave your hair as it is for another five days and use the strawberry blond color all over your hair. Your hair will start to change its color and reach to your desired color. At last use the deep conditioner again for another one week which can help the hair to stay healthy.

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