Hairstyle With Glee Ponytail

glee ponytail glee ponytail2
Glee ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is worn by cheerleaders and this style can be easily achieved using bobby pins. Anyone with long hair can create this look without using any special techniques. This style can also be created with the help of your hands and it can also be worn by kids to get a very simple look. Create curls in the glee ponytail and mainly at the end of your hair to make it look perfect.
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To create glee ponytail, comb your complete hair using a hair brush and then take ponytail bungee for wrapping it around tightly. This will make the ponytail to stay in one place much tighter and use bobby pins to keep the hair ends in place. Now the glee ponytail will be ready and if you want to make this hairstyle a little attractive try to create curls in the hair. Try to use a curling iron to create the curly looking hair in the ponytail. While creating the curls in your hair try to use pins to keep them in place till they get completely cool which can give long lasting as well as defined curls. After taking the pins out of the curled hair try to comb them as usual using your fingers. Don’t curl the entire hair in the same direction as it can make it look simple. Try to curl the hair towards the end of your hair and mid-length.

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Methods To Prevent Poofy Wavy Hair

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Creating a wavy hairstyle can be much easier when compared to other hairstyle, but you must be a little careful while doing it as the hair may turn poofy. There are few things that must be followed while creating a wavy looking hairstyle without making it look poofy. Creating a curly hair without poofy can be difficult but in a wavy hair it much easier.
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Start the styling with a perfectly washed hair and condition it properly if you have a fully wavy hair. Add a small amount of serum all over the hair using your hands. Try to twist the hair sections using your fingers and release them after15 seconds. Then you can use a blow dryer for drying the hair and use a diffuser with the hair dryer. Now if you hair looks a little poofy try to take a small amount of wave curl hair cream in your hand and spread it over the strands very gently. Try to apply this styling product on the spots where the hair looks too much poofy. After using this product you can style the hair as per your wish. This is the best solution for controlling the poofy look while styling the wavy hair at home. This product is also light weight that can easily spread into your hair strands. If you go to a hairstylist to solve this problem, they will also use the same technique for treating the poofy hair.

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Styling Short Hair With Plastic Curlers

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Plastic curlers are one of the best tools to create curls in the hair that can look soft as well as wavy. Using these curlers on the short hair can be tricky and you must follow special methods to use it. There are small holes in these curlers that can be used for drying the hair to make the hair curls set in place.
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short hair plastic curlers5 short hair plastic curlers6
Begin by washing the hair normally with a shampoo and condition it with a better hair conditioner. Apply hair mousse from top to end of your hair even it tool short as it can maintain the curls in place. Use a wide-tooth hair brush to comb the tangles in your hair and mist it with a spray. Create once inch sections in the hair and start keeping the plastic curlers on each sections of your hair. Try to roll your hair under these curlers towards the scalp and keep it in place using hair clip. Use this method on other sections of the hair all over the head. Now you can use a hair dryer for drying the hair and don’t use too much of heat during this process as it can damage the curlers as well as your hair. Once your hair become dry, try to take the plastic curlers out of the hair sections very gently and use your fingers to comb them. Use a hairspray to mist the hair which can make them stay in its place.

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Methods To Remove Blue Color From Hair

blue hair color blue hair color2
Applying blue color on the hair can give a unique look for most of the people. But some of them will have problem after coloring their hair with blue color as it can spoil their look. There are few things that must be followed while taking the blue color out of your hair as it can be a little difficult process.
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The first option is mixing baking soda along with your clarifying shampoo with equal amount. Apply this over the hair to get rid of the blue color. But there is one problem with this method as it can remove the moisture from your hair that can be harmful to the hair. Another option is using dish soap along with laundry detergent for using it over the hair that has blue color on it. Just like the previous technique this option can also cause severe damage to your hair. The next option would be mixing vitamin tablets such as vitamin C along with a normal shampoo for washing your hair. After using this mixture over the hair make sure to leave it on for minimum of ten minutes before rinsing it out of your hair. You can also use this step again if the hair color stays on. The best and easy way to change the color of your hair applying another color over the existing hair color, but you must bleach the hair fully before adding another color on your hair.

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Hair Straightening With Liquid Keratin

liquid keratin hair liquid keratin hair2
Liquid keratin is a hair straightening product that can be used at home without following any special methods. The hair that has been straightened using this product can last only for a month. This product is not very expensive as it can be purchase by anyone who wants to make the hair straight without going to a hair specialist. There are many people all over the world who like to straighten their hair using this product.
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Before using the liquid keratin for making your hair straight, try to wash it completely using a shampoo that can get rid of oils as well as residues on the hair. Then divide your hair as per your desire into various parts and start applying the liquid keratin all over. Let the hair stay with the liquid keratin for at least half an hour before drying it with a blow dryer. Now you can use a flat iron over the hair strands in sections to make it straight. There is no need to give any special attention while making the hair straight using this product as is known to be very harmless to the hair. Try to understand that this product can make the hair straight only for few days and then you must use the same method to make it straight again. This product can be the best solution for those who want to make their hair straight by sitting at home than going to a saloon.

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Dealing With Hair Fall Caused By Dandruff

control hair fall control hair fall2
Taking care of hair loss that is caused due to dandruff is a very simple process. Even though dandruff is not known to cause severe hair fall, it can make the hair to fall slowly. It is important to treat your hair in a perfect manner, so the hair fall can be stopped. Try to use the following steps for treating the hair fall due to dandruff and in case all these fail to provide proper result consult a doctor for better treatment.
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First wash your hair using anti-dandruff hair shampoo after massaging it into the scalp. You can also mix peppermint essential hair oil in the shampoo before using it over the hair. Always massage your hair using your fingers which can increase the blood circulation in your scalp and improve hair growth. You can also control the hair fall using few essential oils such as cedar wood, rosemary as well as lavender. Apply any one of these oils over the scalp and mainly over the bald spots that was caused due to dandruff. Use hair conditioners all over the hair after taking a bath which can make your scalp to stay healthy leading to hair growth. Try to comb your hair using a wide toothed hair brush to prevent hair breakage. If you are using essential oils for treating hair fall, make sure to stay very patient during this period as the result can be seen only after 2 months.

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Fancy Chignon Hairstyle

fancy chignon fancy chignon2
Fancy chignon is a hairstyle that can be worn for any event and this hairstyle is also worn by many celebrities. There is no need to go to a hairstyle to get this style done on your hair. Try to maintain the hair in a proper way to keep it in the same way. You can use your fingers to create this chignon and with some good practice it can be achieved very easily.
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fancy chignon5 fancy chignon6
First wash the hair before using a anti-frizz hair serum and comb the entire hair to create a ponytail. Get a grip at the base of your ponytail using your one hand and try to twist it like a spiral. Keep base of your ponytail using your hand lift its tail up using the other hand. Create a coil with your hair clockwise and after creating half circle take the hand out of the coiled hair. Continue the coiling process from the tail and tuck the hair ends under your chignon. Use bobby pins for securing your chignon in place by sending it from outside edge of the hair. You can also use a hair stick for pushing it from the right side of the chignon and make the thin layer to it over the stick. Now you must rotate it slightly and push the stick through base of your bun. Avoid putting too much of pressure over the hair while creating this style as you may damage the hair.

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Dealing With Hair Snarls At Home

hair snarls hair snarls2
Hair snarls are very common among most of the people and it normally occurs when the hair gets damaged. Most of them feel difficult to control this problem as it can also cause hair fall. But you can deal with this without consulting a hairstylist by sitting at home. Use the following technique to take care of the hair snarls with the help of your hands. Don’t comb the hair with a brush when you find snarls in them.
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hair snarls5 hair snarls6
First use the hair conditioner all over the hair using your fingers and use the conditioner mainly on the hair strands that has snarls. Use your fingers to brush the snarls from the end of your hair and move towards the scalp. This method can be used if you are facing snarls in small level over the hair. In case you are facing bad snarls, try to dampen the hair with water and then use a hair conditioner properly. Make the hair conditioner to stay on the hair for some time before combing the entire hair using the fingers. You can also use the wide-toothed hair comb for brushing the entire hair to make sure that there are no snarls left out. Get some help from a friend if you find snarls all over the head which can make the styling process very simple. Avoid using hair products that are made to remove the snarls from your hair as it can be costly.

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Chicken Hawk Hairstyle

chicken hawk chicken hawk2
The chicken hawk is a unique hairstyle that will look almost similar to a Mohawk. In this hairstyle, the hair will be cut wider as well as look taper till the end of your head at the back. It is considered to be a punk hairstyle that can be worn by men as well as women. This hairstyle needs your hair to be short to medium in length and those who have long hair can trim it to the desired size.
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chicken hawk5 chicken hawk6
This hairstyle is known to have few advantages as it can make yourself look completely different from others. The hair can be slicked back of your head after it has been cut in a proper way. To get this look, first you must wash the hair at least a day before starting your hairstyling. Make sure that the hair is fully dry before beginning the styling process. Then take hair gel in your hand and spread it across your palms in both the hands. Now take the hair from the center of the head and sides from the scalp towards upward using the hair gel in your hands. Once the hair starts to stay in its position try to mist it with a spray to keep it in place. You can also use a straightening iron for making your hair straight from the roots only if needed. But using a heating tool for creating this hairstyle can cause some damage to your hair.

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Covering Gray Hair Near Temples

gray hair temples gray hair temples2
Gray hair near your temples can spoil the entire hairstyle and you can use few styling tips to solve this problem. Covering gray hair can be challenging for some of them, but it needs to be done to get a good look. Before using the hair color over the strands of your hair, try to apply it in a small hair section to see if you are allergic to hair colors. Let the hair color stay over the strands for at least a day before using it all over the hair. Consult a hairstylist if you don’t know which color to apply on the hair.
gray hair temples3 gray hair temples4

gray hair temples5 gray hair temples6
First brush your entire hair at the back to create a normal ponytail or secure the entire hair behind your head. Spread a little amount of castor oil near the hairline which will prevent the color falling over the shoulders. Then wear hand gloves and start mixing the hair color by following the directions properly. Apply hair color over the sections of your hair near the temple and use the fingers to cover the hair strands perfectly. Try to brush your hair gently to make the color to spread all over the hair strand. After covering the entire hair strands, leave it to dry as per the time mentioned by the hair color manufacturer. Once the hair gets dry, use warm water to wash the hair and spread a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair.

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