Steps To Make Big Hair Curls Straight

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Have you created big curls in the hair and planning to change the way you look by making them straight, then it is important to follow few perfect hairstyling steps. This can help to maintain the hair in a perfect shape without causing any damage. This method can be followed at home without consulting any hairstylist. Try to get a hot iron from a store and you can also consult a hair specialist before owning the iron to make sure it doesn’t damage your hair.
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To begin the styling, first you must purchase anti-frizz lotion and hot iron that is suitable for your hair type. Then start combing your hair with a normal hair brush and select a small hair section for the styling process. Try to spread the anti-frizz lotion all over the hair before taking the section out. Now you must use the hot iron on your hair section and try to move it from top to end of the hair. Don’t use the iron when it is too hot as it can cause severe damage to the hair. Use the same method on the other part of your hair till they become completely straight. Get support from anyone if you are feeling difficult to handle the iron on the hair. Use the anti-frizz lotion without fail on the hair before using the iron as it can prevent the hair from getting too hot which can easily damage the hair.

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Using Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

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Aloe Vera is a natural product that can be used to improve your hair growth. There are different types of hair products available in the market, but some of the can be effective only for a short time. Using aloe vera can support in many ways to improve your hair growth. If you find any kind of irritation on the scalp after using any of these aloe vera products, avoid using it further.
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Before using aloe vera on the hair consult a hairstylist and go to a doctor to find out the exact reason for the hair fall. Then look for hair products that contain aloe vera, so you can use it directly over the hair. You can use the aloe vera hair gel over the scalp which has already lost hair as it features enzyme that can support hair growth only for some of them. Try to use the hair gel over the scalp directly and there is no need to worry about any side effects. You can also prepare your own shampoo with the help of aloe vera by mixing milk, wheat germ oil and aloe vera gel that can applied over the hair during each wash. There are also aloe vera hair lotions that can be applied over the hair and it can be purchased from an online store. This can help to revitalize your scalp and hair by preventing hair fall. Another option is using aloe vera along with a low-protein diet.

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Voluminous Shaggy Hairstyle

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Voluminous shaggy hairstyle can be a perfect way to style you hair if they are thick. Most of the women prefer to style their hair in this way as it can be easily done without any help from any hair specialist. It does consume more time when compared to other similar styles, but you just need to follow few simple styling techniques to achieve this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be a perfect way to change the look of your face by using layers. It can also help to add more texture and dimension to your hairstyle when compared to a blunt cut. The style can also look perfect with multiple face shapes and it is considered to be versatile when it comes to styling.
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It is possible to use a lifting spray to the roots of your hair to create more volume at the root and then texturize as well as piece out the lower part of the hair with a texturizing cream. A medium or a large round brush can be used to add more volume to the hair and curling iron can be used to accentuate the layers in your hair. If you are planning to have more bangs in voluminous shag hairstyles then try to blow dry the hair often to the side and not worn straight down. Side bangs can be left to frame the face and blending into the hairstyle which is better than having straight bangs.

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Julianne Hough With Shaggy Bob

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Julianne Hough has got shaggy bob is a great way to make you face look flatter. It is also very easy to style as well as manage compared to other similar hairstyles. There are many celebrities who have seen with this type of hairstyle during special events. This style used to be more popular during the 1970s and it can be created at home without getting any help from a hairstylist.
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To get Julianne Hough style, get rid of little strands on your hair by combing it well. Then spritz the hair with water and start dividing the hair into seven parts including right side, left side, top of the head, right crown, left crown, right nape of the neck and left nape of the neck. Then secure each part with a hair clip and leave half inch of hair around the bottom perimeter of the hair which will help to determine the length of the style. Take one-inch section of hair straight up and start cutting it. Angle the scissors up and away from the head to get a more tousled look. Continue cutting small sections of hair and after reaching the nape sections cut off a quarter-inch more than rest of the hair which will make it look more shaggy. Next comb the hair after finishing the cutting and leave the hair to dry naturally to create more even more volume. Finally check the hair for any cuts that have been missed.

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Christina Milian Zig Zag Hairstyle

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Christina Milian is wearing a zig zag hairstyle that is a very unique way of styling the hair that is long. It is considered to be a very beautiful and artistic way of styling the hair. There are different ways of styling methods that can be followed to braid the hair in a zig zag manner. Most of the celebrities like to style their hair in a zig zag way to get a different look. It was just created as a simple braiding hairstyle and later it became very popular among African American celebrities. Just follow these methods to get this style at home without getting any help from a hairstylist.
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This hairstyle can be worn for a long period of time without touching the head. To create this hairstyle, create a zigzag part anywhere on the head to start the first braid. Next separate the hair into three sections and braid the hair towards the nape of your neck. After the first braid create a second part away from the last braid in a zigzag pattern. Separate the hair from the hair and pick up any additional hair in the braid. Continue the braiding process depending on the thickness of your hair. This hairstyle is popular among young people and it can be converted into a ponytail. In this hairstyle, the hair will be braided as usual, but you will not complete the braids and leave the ends of loose to be included into the ponytail.

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Getting A Solid Haircut

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A solid haircut is type of hairstyle that is usually cut to one length for a solid and uniform flow of hair. In this hairstyle, the layers are not cut into the hair for volume and the hair will naturally follow at the shape of your head which makes the weight of the hair to visibly fall at the bottom of the cut. A bob hairstyle is one of the popular solid-form haircuts which are done by most of the celebrities. This style will make you look simple and it also suits almost every face shape.
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First spritz all over the hair with a disentangling spray and leave the hair for some time to make the spray to enter into the strands. Then comb the hair straight down until all knots are removed to get an even cut. Part the hair horizontally using a rat-tail comb from ear to ear and then clip up the rest of the hair on top of the head to keep it separate. Part the hair down and hold it with fingers to begin the cutting process. Now leave the hair between your fingers which must be removed and start cutting the hair parallel to horizontal part that was created. Cut off any dangling ends and use tail-end of a rat-tail comb for even parting. At last comb your hair and mist all over the hair with a disentangling spray to end the styling process.

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Wild West Hairstyle

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Wild west hairstyle is a unique way of styling the hair. It was very popular in the earlier days by those who used to have long hair. You can also wear this type of hairstyle for special events to get a completely different kind of a look. Try to start the styling process with a neatly washed hair and avoid using hairsprays which makes the hair thick. Consult a hairstylist to known which type of hairstyling option will suit your hair type before starting the hairstyling process.
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First option is to create spiral curls in the hair with the help of hot iron. Then take one part of your hair to the side and secure it using bobby pins. Mist the hair using a spray to maintain the hairstyle in its actual place. Another option for those who have long hair is creating braids and buns. To do this, create different sections in the hair to create the braid and you can just wrap it around to achieve the bun look. Another option to create this look with short hair securing the bun on top of the head using hair pins and make few hair strands to fall in front of the face. You can use a little amount of spray to mist the hair in case the hairstyle doesn’t stay in one place. After creating this hairstyle try to match it with a perfect outfit, so you can look good with this style.

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Dealing With Bald Spots After A Bad Haircut

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Having a bad haircut can spoil your look completely, but it can be taken care by cutting the hair fully short for men and if you are a woman make sure to use other methods. Mainly if you have cut the hair too short with bald spots it can be difficult to cover. There are few things that can be followed to cover the bald spots after a band haircut.
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First brush your hair completely to find the short hair over the head. Try to cut the entire hair in the same length if you like to keep the hair short. You can use clipper guard for cutting the hair after measuring the length of your hair. Use the guard with the clippers and start cutting the hair very gently. Try to run your hair clippers toward your scalp and against the growth of the hair. Use short and overlapping sections for cutting the hair with the clippers and use the clippers on the hair till you are able to achieve a proper length. At last use a comb to brush the hair against its growth and look for any long hair sections that need to be cut again. The clippers can leave long hair in some parts that can be trimmed with the help of same clipper guard that was used during the cutting process. Try to use clippers against the head and using it in other ways can make the bald spots more visible.

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Remove Permanent Hair Color Using Detergent

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Applying permanent hair color on the hair can make your hair look unique till the new hair starts to grow. In case you want to take the permanent color from the hair, there are few things that must be followed. You can just use a normal detergent to remove the color from hair. Consult a hairstylist before selecting the right detergent for using it over the hair. It is better to use the detergent without bleach as it can cause damage to your hair. You can use liquid detergent to make this styling process much easier when compared to power.
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To start the styling, first make the hair wet using warm water and take small amount of detergent in your palm. Start applying the detergent all over the hair till the lather appears. Then rinse the hair till the detergent comes out of your hair fully. Remove the excess water out of your hair using a normal towel. Now you can go through you entire hair and if you find the color use this method all over once again till you get the desired effect on your hair. If the hair color still exists, try to consult a hair specialist and don’t use the detergent more than twice on your hair. In case the hair color gets removed after the wash, try to apply a leave-in hair conditioner all over your hair which can maintain your hair healthy after the detergent process.

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