Finger Hair Twists

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Finger hair twist has been a very popular hairstyle among many people all over the world and it is also worn by some of the famous celebrities. This style can be created on any type of hair with different textures. It can be easily achieved without using any special tools or hairstyling products.
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First make sure to select the width that the twists will be created over your head. Try to maintain the hair thick if you want to add less hair in the twist within the hair section and if you have a thin hair try to add more hair while creating each twist. Brush the hair using wide-toothed brush to make it free from tangles and mist it with water. Next take half inch section hair at the right side over the head using the rat-tail brush and apply hair gel over this section of hair which will be used for twisting with the help of your fingers. Make sure that this hair section is properly styled from top to bottom with the hair gel before starting the twisting process. Try to twist the hair section in between the thumb and index fingers in one direction. Then roll the hair section ends to keep it in place. Use the same styling process on the remaining hair sections over your head and make the twisted hair dry naturally. You can use little amount of hair oil over twisted section to add shine into your hairstyle.

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Methods To Look For Hair Dye Reactions

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Hair dyes are available in different types and some of them can cause allergies. There are different types of substances that can cause allergies after the hair coloring process. Make sure that the same techniques used for testing any allergic reactions while coloring the hair at home or it is done by the hair specialist. Here are few things that can help for testing the hair dyes for allergies.
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First you must know which color looks best on your hair and select the suitable hair dye. Then mix the hair dye along with the developer in a small bowl. Take a piece of cotton and dip it in the bowl and apply it under the elbow. Use a band aid to cover the colored area and leave it for about half an hour. Now you can take the band aid out check the skin where it was colored. The signs of allergic reactions can appear at any time during 48 hours and you may also feel itching on the spot where the color was used. If you don’t find any kind of reactions during this time, use the same hair dye all over your hair. In case you find any kind of allergic reactions, try to wash the area as soon as possible using a soap and stay away from the hair dye. It is important to use the same testing process if you are visiting a saloon for coloring the hair.

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Using Neutralizer During Hair Relaxing Process

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There are few things that must be followed while treating the hair for relaxer neutralizer. You must prepare the hair perfectly before using the neutralizer during the relaxing process in order to maintain the hair in a good condition. Without using the neutralizer, the hair will not achieve the look you are planning to get as it will start to look curly or wavy. Always consult a hairstylist before using the relaxer and neutralizer to stay on the safer side without causing any hair damage.
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Before using the neutralizer on your hair in the relaxing process, try to process the entire hair as usual. You must try to neutralize the hair and perms during the process. It is always important to use the neutralizer on your hair whether you are planning to make the hair look straight and even you want them to look curly. Try to wash the hair using neutralizing shampoo and there is hair conditioner that is specially made for using it during this process which is the best choice while using the neutralizer. While getting the neutralizer, make sure you also purchase the neutralizing shampoo from the same brand to prevent any kind of hair damage. After using the neutralizer on your hair try to rinse it out completely at the end of your styling process. If you are not sure about using this neutralizer in a proper way, try to consult a hair specialist to achieve the best results.

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Taking Care Of Roller Set Hair

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Once your hair has been set with the roller to achieve beautiful looking curls, there are few important things that must be followed to make the hairstyle look beautiful. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in treating the roller set hair. You can just use your hands along with few simple combing steps to correct the hairstyle. Don’t use styling tools during this process because the hair may lose its texture and it can also spoil your entire hairstyle.
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After taking the rollers out of the hair, try to comb them with the help of your hands only. Try to twist the hair away from the face which can be helpful in blending the hair together. The roller that was used for curling the hair normally depends upon the curl you are planning to create, so try to use big hair rollers as they can make the hair look more volumized along with a wavy look. By using the big rollers there is no need to styling the hair after the hairstyling process. Some of the hair section after using the rollers may look good, but you must also use them for styling with your hands. Use the same way for styling the remaining hair sections all over your head and make sure to do this using your hands only. Avoid using hairstyling tools that are known to style the hair after it set with the roller to prevent hair damage.

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Steps To Maintain Frizzy Curls

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Frizzy curls can give a hard time for most of the women as they will not stay in one place. You can use a hairstyling product for keeping the frizzy curls in place. Try to keep the styling products such as anti-frizz cream, flat iron and hair brush. One of the best way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair is making it straight. You can also styling product to achieve the same look, but it can control frizz only for some time and hair will start to lose its texture after few hours.
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First comb your entire hair using the brush and start applying the anti-frizz cream all over. Then take a small section of hair use the flat iron on this section from top to bottom. Make sure it has been straightened completely before moving on to the other hair section. Maintain the flat iron with 350 degree and using more heat on the hair can serious damage to it. By doing this on the entire hair section the curls will start to become straight and the frizz will be removed completely. Straightening the hair is the only way for controlling the frizz in your curly hair and using other methods can keep the frizz under control for few minutes. The same technique can be used on other types of hair that looks frizzy. Be careful while using the flat iron on your hair and don’t keep it on the hair for a long time.

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Millennium Twist Hairstyle

millennium twist hair millennium twist hair2
Millennium hair twist can be considered as one of the best looking hairstyle that is worn by many celebrities for various occasions. You can get this hairstyle done with the help of bristle hair brush and other simple styling tools. This hairstyle has been worn by many people from a long time and you can easily create it whether you have a short or long hair.
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This hairstyle can be created on a long or short hair and with different textures. It is better to use short hair to achieve this look as you can do this within few minutes. Those who have medium to long hair must be ready to spend some more time for securing the hair properly when compared to short hair. Begin your hairstyling procedure by combing the entire hair from top to bottom with the bristle hair brush and move some part of the hair to the left side of your head. Then wrap this part of the hair around your head and take the right hair section in the same way for wrapping it around the head. Use bobby pins to keep the hair in place at the back of the head with the help of your hands. Make sure that your hair is neatly secured at the back of your head. Mist the hairstyle with a normal spray and add hair accessories to cover the bobby pins that were used to keep the hairstyle secured in place.

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Creating Layers On Your Wig

wig layers wig layers2
Wearing a wig can help in achieving a different look and if you are planning to make the wig to look more unique try to create layers in them. The layers created on the wig can be short or long depending upon your choice. Some of them even create uneven bangs in the wig to make it look completely different.
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wig layers5 wig layers6
First wear the wig on the head after making it damp with water. Take the front part of the wig forward if you want to create the bangs and cut them from tip of the nose in a straight line across the face. Now you can keep the wig over the stand to cut the remaining parts of the hair and make sure it is slightly damp. Take about half inch hair from one ear to another and cut it evenly using normal scissors. Take each side in this hair section straight up to cut it evenly. Use the same procedure to achieve the layers all over the wig. Use hair pins for keeping the hair that was cut separately to prevent any uneven haircut. Once you have completed the haircut all over the wig, use a normal hair brush to comb it from top to bottom. Now you can see that the hair will fall as gradual layers and the hair at the back of the wig will be long. Use a hair dryer on the hair strands over the wig to make it dry.

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Applying Liquid Gel Color On Your Hair

gel hair color gel hair color2
A liquid gel color can be used for achieving different kind of look in your hair. You can get different types of hair color with this liquid gel color. This hair color can help to increase about five levels of color in your natural hair. Try to select the right brand of liquid gel color before starting the styling process. Consult a hairstylist to known which color is best for your hair type. Here are few things that are important while using liquid gel color on your hair.
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gel hair color5 gel hair color6
First decide about the hair color that you want to achieve using the liquid gel color and apply a protectant cream around the hair line to prevent the color from moving over the skin around your face. Wear hand gloves during the process to protect the skin as this color can be harmful. Next take half ounce of hair color in a bowl and mix about double amount of developer in it. Try to mix both these products perfectly and start using them on your hair strands with the help of the brush that is available with the product. Try to apply the hair color to achieve either light or dark color in your hair. Now you can cover the hair with the shower cap after covering the entire hair with the color mixture. After leaving it for the prescribed time take the shower cap out of the head and rinse the entire hair.

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Styling Hair With Vigorol Liquid Relaxer

liquid hair relaxer liquid hair relaxer2
A liquid hair relaxer is a perfect hair straightening product that is available in different brands. Using the vigorol liquid straightener for making your hair straight can give a very beautiful look as this product features water, ammonium thioglycolate, ammonium hydroxide and ammonium lauryl sulphate along with perfumes as well as hair colors. It has been specially developed for using it over a healthy hair and those who have a weak or damaged hair must stay away from this product.
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liquid hair relaxer5 liquid hair relaxer6
Begin your straightening process after washing the hair with normal shampoo. But you must do the test by applying this product on small part of the hair before using it fully to check for any allergic reactions. Then take 2 oz straightening liquid in your hand and spread it over the hair from top to bottom. Make sure that the product is able to cover your hair completely before proceeding further. Now take vigorol liquid straightener and apply it over the hair just like massaging. Make the product to sit on the hair for about 10-15 minutes depending upon the thickness of your hair. Avoid leaving this product on the hair for more than 20 minutes even if your hair too thick. Then comb the hair using fine-toothed hair brush to take the product out of the hair to end the styling process. If you are feeling any irritation after using this product try to wash it immediately out of your hair.

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Styling A Short Bouffant

short-hair-bouffant short-hair-bouffant2
Creating a short bouffant with your hair can make you stand out in the crowd.This is a large bouffant style that was was popular from a long time. It is created by back-combing your hair and using a large amount of hairspray. This is one of the most used hairstyle among the celebrities and it can be created very easily when compared to a standard bouffant hairstyle.
short-hair-bouffant3 short-hair-bouffant4

short-hair-bouffant5 short-hair-bouffant6
Try to separate front of hair with a comb and then take back section of the hair to create a ponytail on your head. Start taking sections of the hair from ponytail to brush comb it against the hair. Comb the top layer of the ponytail using a soft bristle brush and smooth it on ratted layer. Flip your ponytail forward and secure it using hair clips in a horseshoe shape. Comb the hair to smooth the ends and secure the sides with bobby pins. Backcomb the front of your hair and spritz it with a hairspray to brush it towards the back of your head. Use hair clips to secure the hair and pin the ends under your bun if you are having one.  Backcomb the entire front section of hair to mist a little amount of hairspray and sweep it at the back of the head to secure it with hair clips.

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