Treating Your Hair With Socolor

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Socolor can be used to color the hair permanently and it is able to provide the hair tone as per your desire. This product has been specially developed to determine the natural color of your hair and it is also available in different ranges. You can use the swatch to select the perfect color that can match your hair color. Before starting the process make sure to purchase items such as socolor swatches, socolor hair color, cream developer, hair brush and a bowl.
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First select the best and suitable hair color and take two inch hair section. Then select the right socolor swatch for matching the hair color with it. Next wear hand gloves and take 1 1/2 oz socolor that was selected in a bowl. Add 1 1/2 oz cream developer in the bowl and mix them together. The hair can be colored to look lighter with the help of 10 volume developer and you can use about 1 1/2 oz 20 volume developer to highlight the hair darker. Make sure to spread the mixture in the bowl all over your hair and brush them in a proper manner so it gets covered to your entire hair. Make the mixture to stay on the hair for about half an hour and rinse the entire hair as usual. You can check the entire hair strands to see whether they have been properly covered or you can use the same technique to color them again.

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