Creating Layers In Scene Hairstyle

scene hair layer scene hair layer2
Having layers in a scene hair can create a unique look and mainly when your wear it with a long hair locks. You can create the layers in a scene hair with short or long hair. This hairstyle will normally look uneven and you can create layers to make them different. Get support from a friend during the entire styling process to keep it simple.
scene hair layer3 scene hair layer4

scene hair layer5 scene hair layer6
To start the hair cutting process, first make a simple part in the hair and pull one side of the hair part top to make horizontal part. Then divide two inch hair section over the part and secure the hair on top of the head. Next take the remaining hair in between your middle and index finger just away from your head. Start trimming your hair that comes out from the middle of the two fingers using a normal scissor. Now take another section of hair that was secured on top for cutting it in the same way. Continue this hair cutting method till you reach near the crown area over the head. Use the same method of haircut on the other side of the head. You can have long bangs in front of the head which can be swept over one of the parted hair section. Try to wear hair extensions over this haircut to make the hairstyle look good. Then you can color the hair extensions as per your wish to achieve the scene look.

scene hair layer7 scene hair layer8

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