Steps To Make Brown Hair Straight

brown hair straight brown hair straight2
Making the brown hair straight is very easy and you can do this like do this in the same way that is used for straightening other hair types. You can achieve the straight look in a brown hair without using any kind of heat styling products to prevent damage to the hair leading to hair loss. The hair straightening process that is done without using heating tools can also give the same result that is achieved by using such tools.
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Begin you hair straightening method after washing your hair with shampoo and then apply a deep hair conditioner. Then use liquid-setting hair lotion and comb the hair from top to bottom. Separate the hair into two parts and use large rollers on both these hair sections as tightly you can. Comb the remaining hair from top to end in clockwise direction with many strokes which can give a hive look to the hair. Make that the hair looks spiral over the head towards downward and keep on combing the hair to keep it smooth. Now you can make the hair to get dry using hair clips or cover the hair with hair bonnet before going to bed. Once the hair becomes completely dry, comb the hair sections gently and avoid using hair dryer or other tools for drying your hair. Once the hair starts to lose its hive shape, it will become fully straight that can be styled as per your wish.

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