Applying Liquid Gel Color On Your Hair

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A liquid gel color can be used for achieving different kind of look in your hair. You can get different types of hair color with this liquid gel color. This hair color can help to increase about five levels of color in your natural hair. Try to select the right brand of liquid gel color before starting the styling process. Consult a hairstylist to known which color is best for your hair type. Here are few things that are important while using liquid gel color on your hair.
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First decide about the hair color that you want to achieve using the liquid gel color and apply a protectant cream around the hair line to prevent the color from moving over the skin around your face. Wear hand gloves during the process to protect the skin as this color can be harmful. Next take half ounce of hair color in a bowl and mix about double amount of developer in it. Try to mix both these products perfectly and start using them on your hair strands with the help of the brush that is available with the product. Try to apply the hair color to achieve either light or dark color in your hair. Now you can cover the hair with the shower cap after covering the entire hair with the color mixture. After leaving it for the prescribed time take the shower cap out of the head and rinse the entire hair.

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