Creating Layers On Your Wig

wig layers wig layers2
Wearing a wig can help in achieving a different look and if you are planning to make the wig to look more unique try to create layers in them. The layers created on the wig can be short or long depending upon your choice. Some of them even create uneven bangs in the wig to make it look completely different.
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First wear the wig on the head after making it damp with water. Take the front part of the wig forward if you want to create the bangs and cut them from tip of the nose in a straight line across the face. Now you can keep the wig over the stand to cut the remaining parts of the hair and make sure it is slightly damp. Take about half inch hair from one ear to another and cut it evenly using normal scissors. Take each side in this hair section straight up to cut it evenly. Use the same procedure to achieve the layers all over the wig. Use hair pins for keeping the hair that was cut separately to prevent any uneven haircut. Once you have completed the haircut all over the wig, use a normal hair brush to comb it from top to bottom. Now you can see that the hair will fall as gradual layers and the hair at the back of the wig will be long. Use a hair dryer on the hair strands over the wig to make it dry.

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