Taking Care Of Roller Set Hair

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Once your hair has been set with the roller to achieve beautiful looking curls, there are few important things that must be followed to make the hairstyle look beautiful. Here are few simple steps that can be useful in treating the roller set hair. You can just use your hands along with few simple combing steps to correct the hairstyle. Don’t use styling tools during this process because the hair may lose its texture and it can also spoil your entire hairstyle.
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After taking the rollers out of the hair, try to comb them with the help of your hands only. Try to twist the hair away from the face which can be helpful in blending the hair together. The roller that was used for curling the hair normally depends upon the curl you are planning to create, so try to use big hair rollers as they can make the hair look more volumized along with a wavy look. By using the big rollers there is no need to styling the hair after the hairstyling process. Some of the hair section after using the rollers may look good, but you must also use them for styling with your hands. Use the same way for styling the remaining hair sections all over your head and make sure to do this using your hands only. Avoid using hairstyling tools that are known to style the hair after it set with the roller to prevent hair damage.

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