Steps To Create Nested Hairstyle

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Nested hairstyle is worn by few people as it will make them look bad or good. This hairstyle includes extreme texture, volume, shape and height.  In everyday life, most of the women try to eliminate frizz from the hair and in a couture hair all such textures have been maximized and used during extreme grade fashions. As the texture of the hair may not be enough, your hair will be piled high and teased to become large which will literally look like a bird’s nest behind a sleek braided-hair headband. A part of the hair will be appealing along with a contrast between roughed-up do and sleek braid.
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Nested hairstyle has some classic features which can look polished and it can be a casual way of styling the hair on day-to-day basis. This style is considered to be difficult to achieve as you need to have lot of patience. One of the simplest way o creating this hairstyle by having a series of braided ponytails on your head. Secure each of the ponytails using clear elastic at the base and secure the end with another elastic. Then keep the braided ponytail against your head and pin it using bobby pins. Try to tuck the ends of the hair under the braid or leave it messy to get a natural look. Add any hair accessories to the hairstyle which can make it more attractive.

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Kelly Osbourne With Fringe Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut can look only for men, but women also prefer this style with a different kind of look. Some of them create this hairstyle with fringe in front of their hair. Most of the celebrities like Kelly Osbourne has been spotted with this type of hairstyle. Try to get help while creating the hairstyle at home and keep extra mirror to see all the sides of your head.
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As usual clean the hair and dry it naturally. Start cutting the hair with No 3 guard from the front to back and leave the bangs as it is as per your desire to blend it later. To create a longer top, use a different guard and include the bangs. Try to adjust your guard size for the length that you are look to have. Take small part of bangs with the left pointer and middle fingers facing away from the hair your cutting. Pull the hair until you get to the shortest hair in the bunch that was grabbed. Trim the hair using scissors to keep it even and continue the trimming process along the forehead make it even. To keep the bangs shorter, trim the hair at the preferred length. Now you can use No 2 guard for the sideburns and No 1 guard around the edges. Trim the hair that is around your ears and continue around back.

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Dealing With Hard Gel On Your Hair

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Taking the hard gel from your hair can be a difficult process as it can easily get stuck in the hair. But you can do this in a very quick time without going to a hair specialist. There are special hair accessories and hair products that can be used for taking the hard gel from the hair.
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First dampen your hair with water and then use a shampoo for massaging over the head. This will make the hard gel soft and you must rinse the hair for the first time. Then check the hair for the hard gel using your hands and if you still find them on the hair, use the same method of shampooing your hair. Make sure that your hair has become fully wet before using the shampoo once again. While using the shampoo for the second time on your hair, try to massage it a little bit hard than the previous time to remove the hard gel out of the hair. You can also use the shampoo on your hair in sections after dividing your hair into different parts. Don’t put too much pressure on your hair while massaging the shampoo as it can damage the hair. Then rinse the hair once again and look for any hard gel leftover. Once the hard gel gets removed fully from your hair, it will start to look soft and fresh. You can use a normal hair conditioner after this process.

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Crinkly Afro Hairstyle

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Crinkly afro hair can give a very unique look for anyone who wears it. This type of hairstyle can be created on any type of hair within few minutes. You can get this hairstyle with the help of a crimper, but it can cause damage to your hair. Here are few things that can be done to achieve this hairstyle without a crimper. But you must follow the procedure properly to achieve the hairstyle in a perfect shape.
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First divide your hair as sections and create braids all over the hair as per your desire with these sections. Then use hair tie for keeping the braids in place and try to keep it slightly loose. Now you must wash the hair with the braids on and you can also use a shampoo as it can maintain the braids in its original place. After getting out of the shower, make your hair dry by simply blotting with the towel and let the braid to dry on its own completely. Leave the hair braids in your hair overnight to make it dry fully and make sure to cover it with a cloth by just wrapping it around to control the flyaways. You can take the hair tie out of your hair in the morning and gently remove the braids. Then tousle the hair using your fingers to see the crimped hair. Don’t remove the braids out of your hair when it is still dry as it can damage the hair.

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Maintaining A Scrunched Hair With Hair Pins

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Having a scrunched hair can be difficult to maintain for most of the people and this can cause bad hairstyle. You can secure the scrunched hair with the help of hair pins, so it makes your hairstyle look good. You must also use hairspray and styling comb along with the hair pins.
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First take a section of hair and try to twist it with the help of your hand and make sure that hair sections are properly combed without any flyaways. Then take the hair pins and hold this hair section in place. Try to use the same method on the remaining hair sections for using the hair pins for keeping the scrunched hair in place. You can also leave few hair strands to fall on their hair which can be wrapped in your fingers to create the curl pattern. The hair strands can be left to fall in front of the head or you can use the same hair pins for keeping them secured in place. Next use the hairspray over the scrunched hair that has been secured in place using the hair pins. Then sit under the hair dryer to make the hair dry completely or you can make it dry naturally. Once the hair gets dry, try to take the hair pins out which will make it easily stay in its place without any support. Try keeping the hair pins in place if your hair starts to fall out.

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Styling Your Hair Using Hair Pins

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Hair pins have been one of the best accessories that can be used to keep the hairstyle in place. It is mainly used for making the hairstyle tight without causing any flyaways. The hair pins can be used with different styling techniques depending updo the hairstyle that you are planning to achieve. The hair pins must be used in such a way that they look invisible into your hairstyle. Try to select double point pins for styling the hair to make it look attractive and single point pins can only be used for keeping the hairstyle in place.
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First create the hairstyle that looks best with your hair type. Then arrange the hair as per your desire and keep it in your hand. Next take the hair pins with your other hand and take hair in between prongs of your hair pin. Now try to pinch it slightly to make its end to come together. Make a small round with your hair pin and take few more hair to keep it secured inside the pin to keep it in place. Try to insert your hair pin as inside as possible in to your hairstyle before leaving it to on the hairstyle. Try to use hair pins that match your hair color, so it can be made less noticeable. You can also use the hair pins to create the pin curl hairstyle just like bobby pins that are used to keep the curls in place.

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Dealing With A Fully Lightened Hair

light hair light hair2
Most of the people want to color their light to achieve a completely new look. In some cases the color may not look good and during such cases it can be treated with few simple styling techniques. Here are few things that can help to treat the fully lightened hair.
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The first option would be covering your hair by wearing a hat in case you don’t want to do more experiment with your hair. You can also wrap the head with a scarf to keep the lightened hair covered. Another best way to make the fully lightened hair look good is by creating different hairstyles. There are special hairstyles that can look good with the lightened hair. You can also consult a hair specialist who can suggest the best option available for treating the lightened hair. Try to add dark tones on the hair after consulting a hairstylist as it will not cause damage the hair. The hair toner can help to change the hair color slightly and it can also remove the brassy look on the hair that is caused during the lightening process. If this also fails to work, go to a saloon for coloring the hair perfectly, but you must be careful that using color on hair can be harmful. It is better to use semi-permanent hair color on the lightened hair to change its look as it will not cause damage that is normally caused by the permanent hair color.

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Steps To Make Brown Hair Straight

brown hair straight brown hair straight2
Making the brown hair straight is very easy and you can do this like do this in the same way that is used for straightening other hair types. You can achieve the straight look in a brown hair without using any kind of heat styling products to prevent damage to the hair leading to hair loss. The hair straightening process that is done without using heating tools can also give the same result that is achieved by using such tools.
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Begin you hair straightening method after washing your hair with shampoo and then apply a deep hair conditioner. Then use liquid-setting hair lotion and comb the hair from top to bottom. Separate the hair into two parts and use large rollers on both these hair sections as tightly you can. Comb the remaining hair from top to end in clockwise direction with many strokes which can give a hive look to the hair. Make that the hair looks spiral over the head towards downward and keep on combing the hair to keep it smooth. Now you can make the hair to get dry using hair clips or cover the hair with hair bonnet before going to bed. Once the hair becomes completely dry, comb the hair sections gently and avoid using hair dryer or other tools for drying your hair. Once the hair starts to lose its hive shape, it will become fully straight that can be styled as per your wish.

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Taking Care Of A Fuzzy Wig

fuzzy wig fuzzy wig2
Fuzzy wig can give a bad look while wearing it on the head. You can change its texture using few simple styling methods. This normally occurs due to excess combing of hair and use heat styling tools and other products. Go to a hair specialist if you don’t want to try the following method at home. The hairstylist will use special products on the wig to remove the fuzzy look without causing any damage.
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fuzzy wig5 fuzzy wig6
To start the process, comb the hair using wide-tooth brush starting from end to the scalp on your head. Then take cold water in a tub and mix one tbsp wig shampoo in the water. Make the wig to submerge into the water for three minutes. Next towel dry your hair and apply a little amount of conditioner specially made for the wig. Let the wig become dry and use sharp shears for cutting the end of the wig. Keep the wig over the mannequin and mist the entire wig with the hairspray. Now you can comb the wig using the same wide-tooth brush that was used earlier to make it tangle free. Avoid using hair dryer for making the hair dry as it can make it fuzzy again. If you still see the flyaways on the wig use a fabric softener sheet on the wig to make it smooth. Then style the hair as per your wish and mist it with light-weight spray to end the process.

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Using Dry Spray For Adding Volume In Hair

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There are different easy for adding volume into your hair and one of the simple methods is using a dry spray. You can do this with the help of few simple styling products such as hairspray, hair dryer and your fingers. Most of the people will try using various styling techniques and tools for adding volume into their hair, but it can be done without any difficulty by sitting at home. Here are few things that must be considered while using the dry spray on the hair to make it look volumized.
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dry spray hair5 dry spray hair6
First comb the hair and take it to one side of the head and mist the hair roots with the spray. Make sure to lift your hair so the spray can enter into the roots. After misting the entire hair with the hairspray try to dry them with the help of the hair dryer. Try using the hair dryer over the hair strands until the entire hair gets completely dry. Now you can scrunch the entire hair with the help of your fingers to make them look volumized. Keep on scrunching the entire hair strands till they get the volumized look and avoid putting too much of pressure on the hair during this process. Now you can style the hair as per your desire using other products. Be careful while using the hair dryer as it can damage the hair and keep it near the roots only for few seconds.

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