Using Rollers To Create Feathered Hair

feathered hair feathered hair2
Feathered hair is a beautiful way of styling a long hair and it can be achieved in different ways. One of the best and simple way of creating this hairstyle is using rollers. Most of the people will try to cut their hair using scissors to get this hairstyle, but you can also use hair rollers to create the same look.
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First brush the hair that was washed two days before using a normal comb. Make a simple hair section on top of the head and secure it using a clip. Now take the loose hair into one inch section and spread a hair gel from top to bottom. Take the medium roller with perfect heat and start rolling it into your hair from end to top. Use the clip to keep rollers secured along with your hair and follow this method on the remaining hair sections. Next take small part of hair from the top hair section that was secured earlier and use slightly smaller sized roller on this section from bottom of the hair towards the root. Now take the hair that is secured on top and keep the small roller over it for rolling towards the root. If you have left any loose hair parts in front of your head, use big roller for rolling it away from the face. Once the rollers become fully cool, take the clips out of them and brush it using a round brush before using a hairspray.

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Creating Layers In Scene Hairstyle

scene hair layer scene hair layer2
Having layers in a scene hair can create a unique look and mainly when your wear it with a long hair locks. You can create the layers in a scene hair with short or long hair. This hairstyle will normally look uneven and you can create layers to make them different. Get support from a friend during the entire styling process to keep it simple.
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To start the hair cutting process, first make a simple part in the hair and pull one side of the hair part top to make horizontal part. Then divide two inch hair section over the part and secure the hair on top of the head. Next take the remaining hair in between your middle and index finger just away from your head. Start trimming your hair that comes out from the middle of the two fingers using a normal scissor. Now take another section of hair that was secured on top for cutting it in the same way. Continue this hair cutting method till you reach near the crown area over the head. Use the same method of haircut on the other side of the head. You can have long bangs in front of the head which can be swept over one of the parted hair section. Try to wear hair extensions over this haircut to make the hairstyle look good. Then you can color the hair extensions as per your wish to achieve the scene look.

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Treating Your Hair With Socolor

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Socolor can be used to color the hair permanently and it is able to provide the hair tone as per your desire. This product has been specially developed to determine the natural color of your hair and it is also available in different ranges. You can use the swatch to select the perfect color that can match your hair color. Before starting the process make sure to purchase items such as socolor swatches, socolor hair color, cream developer, hair brush and a bowl.
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First select the best and suitable hair color and take two inch hair section. Then select the right socolor swatch for matching the hair color with it. Next wear hand gloves and take 1 1/2 oz socolor that was selected in a bowl. Add 1 1/2 oz cream developer in the bowl and mix them together. The hair can be colored to look lighter with the help of 10 volume developer and you can use about 1 1/2 oz 20 volume developer to highlight the hair darker. Make sure to spread the mixture in the bowl all over your hair and brush them in a proper manner so it gets covered to your entire hair. Make the mixture to stay on the hair for about half an hour and rinse the entire hair as usual. You can check the entire hair strands to see whether they have been properly covered or you can use the same technique to color them again.

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Maintaining Curly Hair Before Straightening Process

straight hair conditioner straight hair conditioner2
Making the curly hair straight with the help of a conditioner is very simple. Before starting the styling make sure to find the hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Then follow this simple technique for making the hair as straight as possible. The hair conditioner must be used on the hair without fail before starting the styling process to prevent any kind of damage to your hair. Never use too much heat styling tools on the hair as they can be harmful to the hair.
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Only a hair conditioner will not make your hair straight as it can be useful in making the hair strong as well as healthy. Once you try to make the hair straight the damage caused by the styling toll will be very less. First select the right hair conditioner to be used on the hair and once the hair starts to become thick, try to follow the hair straightening process. Always wash the hair before using the hair conditioner and use the shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. Make sure to rinse your hair fully to get rid of the shampoo before using the conditioner. Next dry the hair with blow drying process and try to use the round brush during this process. To make your hair straight permanently try to use the product such as Keratin or there are also other products that can be used for achieving straight hair on temporary basis.

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Treating Hair Using Avocado Oil

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Avocado oil is the best and natural way of treating your hair to make it grow longer. It can also help to maintain the hair healthy as well as strong. You can treat the hair at home with this product without going to a saloon. Before starting the styling you must few products ready such as avocado, olive oil, shampoo and a bowl.
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First take half avocado and try to scoop its inside out. This will be suitable for medium to short hair and if you have a long hair use a full avocado. Take avocado in the bowl and mix one tbsp olive oil for short and medium hair. Try to mash the entire content in the bowl using a fork till it gets completely mixed together. Keep the bowl with the ingredients in the Microwave for about 3o seconds. Then make hair slightly damp and start applying the ingredients all over the hair. After covering the entire hair strands, leave it for about half an hour. Now you can wash the hair using cold water and make sure not to use any type of hair conditioner while washing the hair using a shampoo. Follow the same procedure at least one time during the week to maintain the hair strong and moisturized. This method can be effective if you use it for a long time in a proper way and it is also very safe than going for other hair treatment.

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Front Back Hairstyle With Clips

front back hair front back hair2
Front back hairstyle is a beautiful way of styling your hair that can be done without going to a saloon. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice if you have a medium length hair. Before starting the hairstyling make sure that entire hair has been brushed so it looks completely straight. Styling the hair in this way if it is curl or way can be difficult, so try to mist the entire hair with a spray before combing them to make it straight.
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front back hair5 front back hair6
Start the styling process after looking at your entire hair in a mirror. Then brush the entire hair with the help of a normal hair brush. You can style the hair with a voluminous look or try to make the hairstyle look completely flat. Now comb the hair in front of the head straight back and secure it using a normal clip on top of the head. You can also push the hair a little forward before securing it with the clip to achieve a different look. The hair at the side of your head can be left as it is or you can style them as per your wish. Try to maintain the entire hair as straight as possible to style it in this manner. Use a flat iron on your hair to make it straight if it looks wavy or curly. Don’t use too much of heat while straightening the hair as it can spoil the hairstyle.

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Styling Hair With Jumbo Claw Clip

jumbo claw hair jumbo claw hair2
Jumbo claw is a hairstyling clips that can be used along with any type of hairstyle. This product is normally used to secure the hair in place and it is also available in different shapes. You can select the preferred one for using it over the hairstyle that is created. This clip can give a French twist updo a very beautiful look as it is normally worn on top of the head.
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Most of the people prefer jumbo claw hair clips if they have a really thick hair. If you are tired of using too much of hair clips for keeping the hair secured, just try to use these jumbo claw hair clips which can be very easily used. Even though getting the perfect grip is not possible with these clips, they are considered to be the best if you are planning to avoid wearing too much hair accessories. The simple way of using the jumbo claw hair clips is while creating a ponytail. This clip can also look when it is used along with the French twist hairstyle. Try to use it as high as possible on your hair after creating the French twist to make this hairstyle look good. The jumbo claw clip hairstyle can be easily recognized when it worn on top of the head. Avoid wearing the jumbo claw with the hairstyle that is create low at the back of the head as it can easily come out.

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