Ways To Make Rolled Bun With Straight Hair

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Creating the rolled bun with straight hair is a very easy way oto achieve this hairstyle and it can be perfect choice for those who want a casual as well as edgy look. The bun can be placed either high or low on your head which will appear to roll out from the center. This hairstyle will look very complicated to achieve, but it can be created easily at home. Here is a simple technique that can help to achieve this style easily.
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First pull out a tube sock and cut the bottom foot area just leaving a sleeve-like piece of fabric. Start rolling the sleeve-like piece of fabric itself and start washing the hair completely. Then brush the hair fully once it becomes dry. Create a ponytail using a hair tie and try to keep it as high or low as you wish. Next keep the rolled sock over the ponytail and make sure to keep the center of the ponytail to face directly upwards. Keep the hair from your ponytail evenly on the entire perimeter of sock roll which should cover completely and secure it with another hair tie. At last wrap the leftover tendrils that are hanging from the sides of the bun around base and then secure it with bobby pins. Try to add any hair accessories to make your hairstyle look more interesting and also match it with a proper outfit.

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Steps To Create Weaved Cornrows

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Weaved cornrows can give a great hairstyle, but it is imporant to know the process of weaving your hair in a perfect way. It is considered to be on the most efficient as well as safest ways to add extensions to the natural hair. There is no need to use any kind of chemicals, heat or glue to affix the extensions along with your hair as they are just sewn in. In this style, cornrows are braided tightly against your scalp to keep the weave in place.
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Clean the hair using a shampoo and condition it to get rid of oil as well as dirt. Leave the hair to dry naturally for better results or use a blow dryer. Divide the hair around a perimeter of your head and start at the bottom of the hair about two inches. Use a clip to secure the hair which will be left unbraided for weaving. Start creating cornrows in the hair above two inch marks at the front of your head and then go down to the nape of your neck. Continue to create small braids from the roots until the hair where you will have cornrows. Thread curved needle to sew the hair extensions into cornrows and cut hair extensions to your desired length to affix its end one inch above the ends of cornrow braids. Sew the extensions from the back of your head and move towards the front on each part of the hair. Finally create a knot at the end of the rows to secure it in place.

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Dealing With Discoloration Of White Hair

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Discoloration in a white hair can give a bad look for anyone and there are special techniques that can be followed to treat them. There are hair products that have been specially made for hair discoloration, but you must select the right one. The white hair will start to turn yellow in color due to various reasons, but they all can be treated with these following steps. The most common reason that can cause hair discoloration is washing the hair in a swimming pool and water that contains copper also can cause this problem.
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The first method for treating the hair discoloration is by using products such as no deposit shampoo because they can take the buildup caused by various reasons. There are also hair styling products that can remove the color tones caused in your hair. You can also use blue rinse on your hair to make the silver hair bright by removing the brassiness. The hair can also be damaged after the perming due to the chemical used in this process. You can treat this problem by mixing vinegar along with tartar cream and leave it on the hair for minimum of ten minutes before rinsing it using cold water. Another option is using lemon juice on the hair and leaving it on for fifteen minutes before getting the hair rinsed. Try mixing the normal shampoo with baking soda before washing the hair and then use a proper hair conditioner.

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Getting Steam Treatment On Straight Hair

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Using steam on a straight hair can add moisture in it and this is also good for hair locks to remain healthy. The steam can be of great support for relaxed or other types of hair. The vapor from the steam can open your hair cuticles to make the conditioner enter into the strands very easily.
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Before using the steam on the straight hair, try to wash it using clarifying hair shampoo as it can help in removing the buildup that is left on the hair. Then use a hair conditioner or apply a oil that is suitable for your hair type as it can make the hair strands moisturized which is good before starting the steaming process. Wear hand gloves and moisten a cloth with water that is hot before using it over the hair. Now you can wrap the cloth with water over the hair and cover it using a plastic cap to lock the steam produced from the cloth inside the cap. Let the cloth stay on your head not more than half an hour and then take the cloth out for wetting it with hot water once again for placing it over your head for the second time. After taking the hot cloth out of your head and hair becomes normal, try to rinse the hair with cold water. Use the same technique once in a week to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent weak strands.

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Dealing With Fine Tangled Hair

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Having a fine hair can give a hard time for some of the people as it must be treated properly to prevent hair breakage. In case you have a fine tangled hair it is important to follow a proper technique for treating it gently. Tangles are very common if you have a long hair, so try to maintain the hair short or at least medium in length to prevent it.
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First use a hair conditioner everyday as it can prevent your hair from getting tangled with its moisture. There are conditioners that have been specially designed to control hair tangles by reducing the dryness in your hair. After washing your hair, don’t put too much pressure for drying the hair with a towel. Try to dry your hair naturally without using any type of hair drying tools. Create a hairstyle with the fine hair that can prevent tangles very easily. The hairstyles that can prevent hair tangles include bun, braid, ponytail and more. Try to comb the hair before going to bed in the night and always lie down on a satin pillowcase or cover the hair with the sleep cap to stay away from tangles. Get regular haircuts to prevent split ends in your hair as it can also cause tangles. Even after following all of these methods you fine hair gets tangled, try to mist with a little amount of detangling hairspray and comb it with a wide-toothed hair brush.

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Removing Grease From Of Your Hair

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Greasy looking hair can give a bad look to the hairstyle that you are planning to create. The hair will start to look fully flat if it is greasy and it is important to clean your hair in a perfect way to remove the greasy look. You can take the grease out of your hair with the help of a baking soda. Here are the styling steps that can be used to take the grease out of the hair.
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To remove greasy look from hair, first take 1 tbsp baking soda and spread it over the hair roots. Make sure the baking soda covers the scalp perfectly using your fingers. Then gently brush the hair with the fingers and don’t put too much pressure during this process. Let the baking soda stay on the scalp for about five minutes and then brush the hair fully from to bottom. Use a natural bristle comb for brushing the hair till the baking soda is removed from your scalp. You can also use a sorn starch to remove the grease from your hair by using it in the same manner. Use a dry shampoo for washing the hair as it has been specially made to remove the grease out of your hair and you can comb the hair after the washing process. Avoid using other chemical products for taking the greasy look out of the hair as they can cause severe damage to the hair.

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Styling Dry Hair With Wave Rods

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Cold wave rods can be used on a dry hair to make it look perfect. But you must know the proper way to use these rods in your hair to make them look stylish. Try to make sections in your hair before starting the styling and decide what about the curl type you are going to create in the hair. The styling process is very simple, just roll your hair in the wave rod and secure it in place. Then dry it with a blow dryer and mist it with s spray.
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As usual wash your hair and create sections depending upon the curl you are planning to achieve. Make sure that the hair sections are not too big as it can spoil the entire hairstyle. The size of your hair section must be smaller than the wave rods. Place the rods at the end of your hair and try to wrap it using your hands. Try to apply a little amount of pressure with your hand during the rolling process and mist the hair with a spray. Use a hair dryer to make the hair section dry and apply cold hair from the dryer over your hair before taking the rods out of them. Now your hair will have a spiral look and it will not have a natural look because you are trying this process with a dry hair. Use the same method on the remaining sections and blow dry them just like the first section.

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Hairstyling With S-Curl Texturizer

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S-curl texturizer is one of the best product to change the coarse of your hair. It is normally used by men who want to change the look of their hair, but even women can use it for the same purpose. The s-curl texturizer is available in a kit that features products used for hairstyling and maintaining your hair after the styling process. After the styling process, the hair will start to look smooth that can be easily maintained.
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Start your styling with a washed hair and leave the hair to dry for at least a day. Next day, start applying a hair gel around the hairline and wear hand gloves before proceeding further. Next use an s-curl texturizer gel over the hair from top to end. Brush the hair to spread the gel throughout the hair perfectly and let it set for about fifteen minutes. Now you can rinse the hair using warm water and apply a shampoo that is available in the styling kit. This shampoo will be specially made to remove the texturizing gel from the hair. Dry the hair with a towel and try to blot it during the drying process. The kit will feature a hairspray that must be used for misting the entire hair and create the curls in the hair, try to lift your hair from the bottom using the hair brush. To create a wavy look, try to brush the hair with a small-toothed brush.

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Coloring Your Hair Red Naturally

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Coloring the hair with a natural product can be the safest method to stay away from hair damages. There are different ways that can be used to color the hair with red highlights with natural hair colors than going for a chemical colors. Here are few things that can help to add the natural highlights to your hair without using any type of chemical hair coloring products. Anyone can use this technique to color their hair naturally without consulting a hair specialist as it is completely harmless to your hair.
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First prepare clove tea or black coffee whichever if you prefer is the best option. Then make it cool fully and keep it aside. Next wash your entire hair with shampoo and make sure to rinse it completely. Now take the tea and apply it all over the hair from top to bottom. Let the hair stay with the mixture for about fifteen minutes and wring the hair. Now rinse the hair once again with the mixture and leave it for another fifteen minutes. At last take the mixture out of your hair by just washing it as usual. Now you must condition the hair normally and style it as per your desire. You can use the mixture to rinse the hair as per your wish which usually depends upon the brightness you want to add to your hair. While leaving the hair with the mixture cover it with the shower cap.

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Create A Flip Out With Straight Hair

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Creating a flip out with a straight hair will make your hairstyle very unique that can be worn for different occasions. Those who have a naturally straight hair will be able to achieve the flip out within few minutes, but others must follow a particular method to achieve the look. Just use the following method to create the flip out with a straight hair.
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As usual clean your hair with a shampoo and remove the excess water using a normal towel. Then apply hair mousse all over the strands from top to end with the help of your fingers. Then brush the hair to spread the mousse all over the hair evenly. Next use a hair dryer with medium heat and make sure to use a round brush along with the dryer. Using a round brush is very important during the hair drying process as it can make the hair ends to curl outward. Also make the blow dryer to face around the round brush to dry the curls in your hair. Use the same technique of drying your hair all over the head and try to flip the bottom of your hair outward. You can change the look of your hair with the help of the flat iron if needed. Try to create a curve at the end of your flat iron to achieve a sleek look. End the styling process after misting it with a little amount of finishing spray.

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