Maintaining Straightness In Hair Overnight

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Keeping the hair straight overnight can be a difficult process for some of the people. Some of them will try to use heat for keeping the hair straight in the night which can be harmful for the hair. There are ways that can be followed to maintain the straightness in your hair without using heat. Making the hair straight can give a hard time for some of them, but maintaining it in a proper way is also important. You can just use hairspray, boar-bristle comb and hair clip to do this.
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To keep the hair straight without using heat, first you must divide the hair layer on top of the head and secure it using hair clip. Then mist the hair layers at the lower part of your head with a silicone-based hair straightening spray which can keep the frizz away from your hair. Next brush the lower part of hair using a boar-bristle comb and use more hairspray during this process if required. Now take the upper hair layer that was secured before and make it fall on its own. Then comb this part of your hair and mist it with same hairspray. Before going to bed, try to cover the pillow with satin pillowcase and lie down as usual. In the morning you can just comb the hair using boar-bristle comb. The hair will look silky as well as smooth in the morning if you follow this technique in a proper way.

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