Using Shoelace To Create A Braid

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There are various styling products used to keep the hairstyle in a perfect shape. But you can also use a shoelace to create a unique look. The hair must be divided on both the sides of your head before the shoelace is used for styling. You can create a French braid using the shoelace to make it look completely unique.
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First separate your hair into two sections and take top part of hair to create a normal French braid. Use the shoelace to pin it over the hair just under top part of your hair. Use bobby pins under the hair part for keeping it in place. Start the braid process as usual and pull the hair section using the shoelace and try to fold it just over. Now pull the hair section from top and add it to the left hair strand. Next fold right section over top part and section it from bottom before folding it on top. Use this process till you reach end of the hair and secure the bottom using a hair band. Make sure to include the shoelace while braiding the hair and if it is too long when compared to the braid, secure it using bobby pins. Use the same braiding method on the other part of your head. Now use both the braids to create a unique look by wearing them as a head band or you can also leave them as it is.

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